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My Cultural Identity Essay

My way of defining culture is something that makes up your background or something that shapes you. The times of my life have been good and sometimes bad, so that’s how my cultural identity is made up. I have multiple things that makes up my cultural identity, but here’s a few I’ll tell you about. My cultural identity mainly revolves around Food,Clothing & Music. Boy boy boy don’t I like getting new clothes and trying on new things well shopping is another thing that makes up the way I am I enjoy shopping anytime of the day. I have a specific way of dressing, I like really bright and attractive clothes that gets people attention.

I like shopping out of town to get clothes cause I like being different from others. I enjoy going shopping and trying on clothes from a variety of places because you may never know what attracts your eyes or not. I like dressing nice so yeah, I’m going to wear kind of expensive clothes and shoes. I would prefer popular name brand clothes such as Jordan, Pink, American Eagle, Aeropostale and things that fall in that category. Pink is my favorite color because It’s bright and it’s a very pretty color. Out of all the colors in the world, I have more pink clothes or bright colored clothes in my wardrobe.

Shopping is something I enjoy doing on a daily basis, especially when I’m with my friends. My grandma takes vacations and trips often and I go with her most of the times so I get a lot of clothes and shoes because she likes shopping to. That’s why shopping is an important thing towards my culture as well. Another thing I like doing is eating food, I love food a lot. My mother cooks almost every night we rarely eat out. The food we eat the most is chicken any chicken you can name we eat it. Boiled, baked, fried, grilled and more and we have side choices of mash potatoes, green beans, corn, macaroni or cream style corn.

My family loves cooking as well, we have barbecues a lot and we cook for every holiday. Everyone loves my great aunt cooking, especially when she cooks her favorite noodles they’re called Oodles-&-Noodles. I know y’all probably haven’t heard anything like that but you should really try them. Now I’m going to tell you how she makes them first, you put cooking oil in the pot, let it heat up for a little bit. Next, you crush up how many packs of noodles you want and put them over in the oil. Then, you keep stirring them until they get brown you got to keep n eye on it so it won’t burn up.

Then when the noodles are brown you add water and let them get soft a little you suppose to let them boil until all the water is gone. Then you can add any spices or salts, you want to get a good flavor to them. She cuts up hot pickles and summer sausages and put jalapeno juice in the pot and stir it and let it sit for like 5 minutes. And that’s when you Oodles-&-Noodles are all done. I enjoy cooking for myself and family and like helping my grandma bake cookies for special occasions like Christmas and Valentine’s day.

Sometimes I don’t like the things my Family cook but sometimes I try it anyway to see if I like it but, you know it’s good to go out and try new things. 1 thing I hate that my grandma gets is crab ragu or something like that but I can care less because it’s nasty anyways. And this is why food makes up up my culture as well. Music gets me hyped up, especially when my favorite songs come on. I know for a fact that everyone loves music you can’t go wrong with a couple tunes playing back and forth here and there. I have a lot favorite song, artist, videos and etc.

Chief Keef is one of my favorite rappers because i like the way he rap duh, if that’s my favorite, but yeah he is a very good rapper even though sometimes you can’t hear what he saying but I bet you will still like him. Music is something my family enjoys as well, I like the music my family play, but when my granny gets the choices Umm NO she like that bogus old people music and I don’t like that type of music because it’s not my type of selection of music. Her music makes you want to leave the house, half the time they sound like they crying and depressed and I don’t like it.

Some of favorite rappers are Chief Keef, Beyonce, Lil Durk, Chris Brown, Lucci, Fetty Wap And Skooly. My life without music or any of them rappers I just named it would be totally empty. I listen to music on a daily basis and anytime of the day. Music takes away my stress sometimes and it keeps me amped and alive. When I’m on my way to school, I like listening to music to get prepared for my day and ignoring the kids on the bus. When I was younger, I probably didn’t know what music was but now I do and I love it. I like listening to feeling and songs that help you think about life and the memories.

My favorite feeling song is “Cry Me A River” By Skooly, he is a young rapper and he usually makes songs like that’s emotional why I enjoy listening to him. Now, as you can, I love music a lot and that’s why it plays a huge role in my culture. As you may read in the passage above that my culture probably isn’t very interesting but it’s worth reading. I have multiple things that makes up my culture, my I only chose 3 just to keep it a little short for you. Music, Fashion and Food are the 3 main important things that involve my culture. I hope you enjoyed reading about my cultural life.

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