Bombshell Advertising

As a child, either skipping, walking, or running through the malls, I gazed at the “pictures” hanging on the walls, wondering what they were there for. As we journeyed to the other side of the mall, there I would find the advertisements with the girls that were almost completely naked. This constantly made me uncomfortable … Read more

How Does Mcdonalds Promote American Popular Culture

In the process of globalization, the American popular culture have spread out through movies, music, and television programs, however, there are also several other factors, which have promoted American popular culture across the world. Goods and services are also a major factor helping to grow American popular culture in the global world. “The American Global … Read more

Old Spice Analysis

A well thought out and produced advertising campaign can resurrect a decaying brand, and give it a completely new identity. A poorly produced, unsuccessful campaign can forever associate the brand with something negative or laughable. “Smell Like a Man, Man” campaign for Old Spice is an outstanding example of how a brilliant campaign can change … Read more

Jacuzzi Walk-In Tub Advertisement

Companies spend considerable amounts of time and money on advertising their products; much of this time is dedicated to understanding their target audience and what will convince them to buy. Advertisements are thus geared toward specific concerns or fears of the readership. Advertisers can most efficiently do this when the advertisement is published in literature … Read more

Parasocial Endorsements Analysis Essay

The Kardashian Brand, specifically Kim Kardashian, has utilized Para-social Interactions in order to strengthen relations between their fan base. This is executed primarily through the usage of social media to create an intimate bond between the Kardashian’s and their devoted following. The term Parasocial Interaction was discussed in Jennifer Anette Lueck article, “Friend-zone with benefits: … Read more

Summary: The Musical Walking Lion Essay

Fisher Price’s Musical Walking Lion is designed to help children 6 months to 36 months of age into actually taking their first steps as well as to steady their steps at the beginning of their journey into walking. This Musical Walking Lion provides a variety of benefits parents will get from their child from buying … Read more