Creative Writing: A Narrative Fiction

Light shone in through the half open curtains of a midnight sky. Madison drank it up until even the insides of her were glowing. There I was degrading away in her room, curled up, fetal position in a chair, half asleep. “You want tea? ” “I hate tea. ” “Iced? ” She obviously had disregarded … Read more

Caffeine Essay

The way we observe and interact with our world happens through our nervous systems. It is how we learn about our surroundings and how we function within those surroundings. But what would happen if something was affecting our nervous systems in ways that could both help us and harm us? Truth be told, there is. … Read more

College Student Observation Essay

Coffee is something we learn about as soon as we become an adult and see it grows to be a part of our life. College students coffee intake is at this time an ongoing experiment being studied. The information collected from the articles provided us to conclude to create an observation study from the studies … Read more

How Does Caffeine Affect The Human Body Essay

The Health Effects of Caffeine on the Human Body Caffeine, known as a “drug” is something that many people consume on a daily basis. It is very common and can be consumed in many different ways. Caffeine can be consumed through drinks, medicine and/or foods. In one way or another, caffeine is used as a … Read more

Organic Chemistry Lab Essay

Being able to extract a compound or substance from a product or object will encourage us in being able to do the same in a similar manner with a tea solution. Extracting compounds is an important step in any kind of organic chemistry lab and will help us be better at accomplishing the experiment in … Read more

Caffeine – the most popular drug in the world

As far back as 2700 B. C.. Chinese Emperor Shen Nung regularly imbibed hot brewed tea. Coffee was regarded by some Westerners as “the devil’s brew” until the late sixteenth century, when Pope Clement VIII tasted it and gave it his blessing. Caffeine is the most popular drug in the world. Coffee consumption in the … Read more