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Gatorade Ad Analysis Essay

On October 2nd, Gatorade turned 50 years old. In 1965, Dr. Robert Cade and his team at the University of Florida, invented a drink that helps with renewing the fluids and the electrolytes lost in the sweat by the University’s Football team, the Gators, and they call it Gatorade. When the Gators won the Orange Bowl in 1967, the success of Gatorade start raising. They started to add some flavors to help with the taste, and Lemon-lime was the first flavor to add in 1965, later in the same year, Orange was added, then, 30 years later, followed by Fruit Punch.

In 1988, the new Flavor, Citrus Cooler, became a big hit because it was Mike Jordan’s favorite flavor. As 2015, Gatorade has almost 35 different flavors, including the Low-Calories, Gatorade Sports Fuel Drink, protein shake, Gatorade recovery, and now they have a Gatorade energy chew. This ad is a print ad, and this type of ads are used via convenience and grocery stores by placing them on the windows as well as on the cooler’s door. This ad was created by the Gatorade company, in addition that, Gatorade is the great way to hydrate, because it is recommended by most athletes, and it is their main drink at the games.

The first thing that will catch the eye on this print ad is the famous basketball player, Mike Jordan, along with making the ad looks from the 80s. Although it is recommended by famous athletes, some sport professional claim that, water is the best way to hydrate, and there is no other way, because Water is a key ingredient in blood, however, this ad prove Gatorade is an excellent way to hydrate through the use of ethos, and how the ad is printed, also by the use of technology.

First, ethos, pathos, and logos are different ways used to convince the audience and the consumer. In this ad, the company Gatorade uses the method ethos, which is using a professional or celebrity figures. Gatorade used Mike Jordan, the most known athlete in the world. The reason why companies choose famous people like celebrity and athletes to appear on their ads, because famous people have fans, when their fans watch their favorite person promoting for the product, some of the fans, if it’s not most of them will be willing to give it a try.

When Mike Jordan announced that the flavor Citrus Cooler was his favorite flavor, the sales scored high numbers, and it brought good profit, furthermore, the flavor Citrus Cooler made it to the top ten best Gatorade flavors until present day. Second, this ad was printed with classic look, but it is a new. Citrus Cooler is one of the oldest flavors by Gatorade, in particular, it is the fourth flavor behind Lemon-Lime, Orange, and Fruit-Punch.

In 1988, when Gatorade introduced the flavor Citrus Cooler, the flavor took off fast because Mike Jordan makes it known for being his personal drink. Then the product was discontinued in mid-late 1990, in order to constantly bring new products to the market. In March 2015, Gatorade brought back the flavor again. Looking at the ad, the first thing that gets the attention is the old look, even it is a new ad, but still they used a classic colors that used in 80’s.

It is an effective way to call out the old purchasers, and to let them know, their old favorite products, is back. Finally, technology is important in marketing. Without doubt, social media is the new and one of the most effective markets now days. By using the hashtags, which is a keyword or group of words with no space between the words, after the pound sign “#”, is a way the marketers use to engage the consumers with products using the social media, Twitter, and now, Facebook users can use hashtags too.

In this ad the hashtag is Be Like Mike, “#BELIKEMIKE”. The use of the hashtag is to have a conversation about the product, and it is a good way to hear the buyer’s voice as well as their opinion. Also, to drive traffic along with spreading the word. In conclusion, there are many different ways to advertise, also there is many tools and mediums to choose from. The main reason for advertisement is to get the consumer’s attention to buy the products. In this ad, Gatorade used many methods to catch people’s eyes.

One of the methods is having Mike Jordan, a very known person that has a huge fans everywhere. Indeed, the appearance of the ad with the old look, it has a message for both generations. The first message to let the Mike Jordan’s generation know that their favorite product is back, and the second message for the new generation, to convince them to try a flavor that once was one of the most popular flavor on the 80’s and 90’s. Using hashtags on social media is a very effective way to drive a traffic, and to connect with customers to hear their voice.

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