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Setting Goals In English Class Analysis

People have many reasons why they attend college. Some want to become doctors, lawyers, teachers and engineers. I chose to attend Miami University to become a bioengineer. Along with college comes the challenge of writing multiple essays about many different topics. You could write essays about things that you read in a book to scientific principles that you have conducted research on. Throughout high school writing has never been my favorite subject and has been my weakest. Considering English is such an important part of education today, everyone must take a certain number of English classes to graduate.

Setting goals in your English class can be the key to becoming successful in the class. One concept of English that can be very beneficial outside of school is rhetoric. Sometimes in careers down the road you must use rhetoric to convince someone that doing something one way may be better than the other. I, myself, have used rhetoric outside of school. As a student, I have taken multiple English classes in high school. English class was never my favorite. Many people enjoy the class due to the chance to be able to express themselves through writing.

My biggest struggle writing is being able to add detail to essays in which that I must use creative writing. When writing essays that involve statistics or proven facts, I tend to excel more than using creative writing skills. English classes are a very important part of today’s education. Being a proficient writer can help you exceed in future classes and careers. I believe the best way to become a better writer is to set goals for yourself to accomplish during the class. I have set goals that I want to accomplish during this semester’s English 111 course.

I believe that I am an average writer, so my first goal is to become an above average writer. Many believe writing can put you ahead of the competition when you are competing for future jobs. My second goal during the course is to more effectively use the writing process. The writing process can really help with the structure of your essay and increase the amount of detail you can include. My final goal is to become a more diverse writer. I know that I can write essays based on factual information well.

This course can help me achieve this goal by exposing me to in depth rhetoric concepts and teach me how to use them in writing. Writing is such an important concept both in college and in the work force. Almost every course in college requires you to write an essay about research that you have done in the course, results from an experiment that you conducted in the class, or even an essay about what you have learned over the previous semester. I see myself having to write a lot in my Chemistry 144 class.

In that class we will be conducting experiments and then have to write a formal lab report after the experiment. The lab report will require us to write what we did in the experiment, how we did the experiment, what happened during it, and try to explain why we believe something occurred during an experiment. Being an engineering major, I can see myself writing essays on current engineering issues we face today and how I think those issues can be resolved. Writing can be a key part of the problem solving process because if you write out what the issue is it can create an idea of what the solution can be.

My future career in bioengineering could include a lot of writing. As a bioengineer, I could be designing biomedical equipment. When designing equipment, it is important to write reports on the issue you are trying to solve and how you intend to solve it with the equipment that you designed. Also, it is very important to include the research you used to come to the conclusion of why and how this equipment can solve the issue. In my future career field, it is possible that I could be maintaining biomedical equipment.

Writing is very important during this process because you must write reports on the steps you took to maintain the equipment, and if you tested the equipment what were the results you got and what the results should’ve been. If the equipment you are maintaining happens to malfunction the reports that you write while conducting the maintenance could keep you out of trouble, as it could show that you did everything properly. Many people are not familiar with rhetoric and do not realize that they could be using it all the time.

Before I started my English 111 course, I did not know what rhetoric was. I have heard the word but did not know what it was. Now that I know that I know rhetoric is the art of verbal and written persuasion, I have realized that rhetoric is all around me on TV and sometimes even in newspapers. After learning what rhetoric is I can come up with a situation in which I have used rhetoric. Before college, I was in the United States Navy. As a supervisor in the Navy, I was tasked with convincing my senior leadership that if we do a task this way it would be more efficient and effective.

Some of my fellow sailors had their own opinion about the idea and others liked my idea. The biggest challenge was to persuade and get everyone to buy into the idea that it would be beneficial to us all. As stated before, writing is a very important part of our lives. We will always write no matter what career we are in. Some of us are better at writing than others but everyone can improve. How well you can write can determine how well you do in a class or at a job. I personally would love to improve as a writer and a reader to succeed in future courses and careers.

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