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Human Mosaic Chapter 8-9

about __________ percent of the world’s working population is employed in agriculture
in the United States the number of people involved in farming is less than __________ percent
land-rotation system
the agricultural practice of shifting cultivation is essentially
terraced paddy fields
the hallmark of paddy rice farming is
planting and harvesting the same land two or three times a year is known as
chemical fertilizers
the “green revolution” involved the introduction of
South America
llamas and alpacas serve as traditional beasts of burden in
traditional Mediterranean agriculture is based in part on the cultivation of primarily barley and
mountains or desert
nomadic herding is normally practiced in what type of environment
luxury crops
plantation agriculture usually maximizes the production of __________ for Europeans and Americans
coffee and tea
crops that tend to grow best in tropical highland regions are
truck farming
market gardening is also referred to as
Corn Belt
one of the most highly developed areas of commercial livestock fattening is
T/F: fattening livestock, especially cattle, is an efficient method of protein production
the majority of wheat-producing countries (producing 35 percent of the world’s wheat) are the United States, Russia, Canada, Argentina, Kazakhstan, and
processed milk
dairy farms located near large urban areas usually produce
Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Argentina produce 70 percent of the world’s
T/F: geographer Carl Sauer believed that plant domestication developed as a response to hunger
the Fertile Crescent
perhaps the oldest primary region of agriculture is
T/F: the diffusion of many plant crops from the Western Hemisphere was accomplished by the colonial powers, such as the Dutch and Portuguese
gene banks
what was developed to preserve what remains of domestic plant variety
a possible result of overgrazing of grasslands is
just south of the Sahara Desert
the Sahel is a critical region that is located
climatic stability
above all, most farmers rely upon
T/F: in von Thunen’s isolated state model, the intensity of cultivation for any given crop increases with increasing distance from the market
secondary industry
the processing of raw materials into a more usable form is
primary industry
agriculture is considered to be a
primary industry
the extraction of nonrenewable resources is a
quarternary industry
legal services, retailing, and advertising are all considered
quinary industry
consumer-related services such as education are considered to be
around the Great Lakes and Northeast states
the American Manufacturing Belt is located
global corporations
multinational or transitional companies are also referred to as
none of the above
in Russia and Ukraine the most important mode of industrial transport is (highways, railways, airways, waterways)
T/F: while the cottage and guild industry systems were similar in many respects, only cottage industry depended on hand labor
British textiles industry
the initial breakthrough in the industrial revolution occurred in the
continental Europe
the industrial revolution diffused from its place of origin first to
none of the above
the “Faustian bargain” refers to European dependency on (coal, fossil fuels, petroleum, nuclear power)
fossil fuels
the main cause of acid rain is the burning of
over 90 lakes are “dead” from acid rain in this seemingly pristine mountain range
burning fossil fuels
the greenhouse effect is caused primarily by
T/F: carbon dioxide gases permit solar short-wave radiation to reach the Earth’s surface and allow outgoing long-wave radiation to escape
manufactured chemicals
ozone layer depletion is caused by
Alfred Weber
industrial location theory was pioneered by
labor supply
in nearly all industrial site locations, a major factor is
T/F: coastal, often scenic, fishing villages from Norway to Portugal are part of the industrial landscape
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