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Dreams the most important part of our life

I wish I could reach their? God, please help to pass my exams? I know I am going to achieve this? What are all this, these are your dreams. Every human no matter who so ever it is, whether he is a farmer or a business men, they have a dream which they want to fulfill during their life. It’s only the way which differs. Did you ever notice that the first step to your journey is dream? Dreams, it’s the most important part of our life. Our life ends within few seconds. But dreams are meant for long life, if you’re not able to achieve it, someone from your loved ones will fulfill it. Many parents ask their children not to dream of any thing, they forget one thing that for a child ‘dreams’ is only one way to achieve some thing no matter how much it cost. If some one would ask me where we can achieve this I would let them know about the dreams. Only dreaming is not enough, making them come through is also a part of our life.

There are many instants which I would like to share with all of you. A teenager who uses to dream about his destiny, when he couldn’t achieve it in real life, he uses to achieve it in his dreams. No one knows what’s going to happen next. Dreaming is as important as doing you other jobs. Feeling’s can be a wonderful thing to have. They can make your wildest dream seem so real. They can make you feel happiness and hope

Many people who dream do not understand why they dream or what their dreams mean. Even though dreams are not fully understood, people throughout history have sought to find meaning in their dreams. Societies of the past often attributed their dreams to spiritual sources. Dreams in these cultures have always been regarded as important. The ancient Egyptians believed that these dreams were messages from their gods and in the pursuit to understand their dreams produced one of the earliest known dream books. “to dream of death was a omen of long life”.

Modern beliefs about the meaning of dreams have changed little. Leaving people still seeking answers to their dreams. Even though we have still have not found the true meaning of dreams. In our search we have found out many things about our body and how it functions while we sleep. Dreams have been objects of boundless fascination and mystery for humankind since the beginning of time. These nocturnal vivid images seem to arise from some source other than our ordinary conscious mind. They contain a mixture of elements from our own personal identity which we recognize as familiar along with a quality of `otherness’ in the dream images that carries a sense of the strange and eerie. Characters and plots in dreams point to deeper meanings and contain rational and insightful comments on our waking situations and emotional experiences.

We dream every single night whether it stays with us or not. It is a time when “our minds bring together material which is kept apart during out waking hours” Superficially, we are all convinced that we know just what a “dream” is. The next question is where the wishes that come true in dreams originate?  This is all about the history, now coming to the main part behind me writing about this article is. People thing that dreaming is not worth for them. But they forget that the place where they are standing is a part of their dreams. There is no one in this world who doesn’t dream. People dream and make histories, they dream and make wonders. Have you ever though how these writers get to know their next stories. It’s the dream which makes them do all this. Parents say that dreaming is not good. But can someone ask them why? It’s the natural phenomenon and its god gifted, no one has a right to take away our dreams. DREAMS are the first step of ones life. Before doing any thing different people dream and then they decide about it. No one can say that they believe in practical life. Ask them what practical life is. Even they know about their past, what made them change into a man with strong attitude, its non-other than its presence of mind during his life. From a businessman to a farmer, everyone is running behind to fulfill its dreams. Someone wants to achieve it to compare themselves with their neighbors.

It’s the wrong thinking which all the parents have about their thinking, and emotions. A person without dreams is like a stage without the performers. A person who denies of having dreams has possibly failed to recall them. One who is blind from his birth also dreams of sound, touch, ideas, and his creative thinking. Most people dream about four to five times. As the morning sun rises the desire to dream rises, no matter whether it’s frightful or heart touching. Why people dream – that is, what purpose dreams serve – is not definitely know. But its ones own imagination, their way and the deeper they can think. Dreams have aroused much wonders and fear since primitive times, and various superstitions have grown around them, but still dreaming is important as its shows you the real path (extra ordinary path) which could lead to your destiny. It is important as it gratifies those desires that a person would never express while he is awake, and dreams therefore.

Dreams give important clues to emotional disturbance or to their way of thinking in which they wanted them to reach their destiny (make their feeling reach to the people). Dreams can be the answer to the people question of headache; dreams are a mean of sorting out for rejection or storage in the memory the information gathered during wakefulness. Dreams is the recollection of the situation, and it further takes the signal; face of emotions, feelings. Our own past and future are dependent on dreams. Many people recollect their past, happy moments and think about it, many of them think about their future as to in what way will their future be build up. So you see there are many reasons to prove that dreams are necessary in every ones life. Even if a person tries to escape from it, he can’t do that. Because dreams are known as your own soul, and if you live without soul you are nothing but a death man. Think about it. Let change the topic. I will ask you a question, and don’t read ahead before answering the question. Alright, what would you like to do in your future and how do you plan to do it? First write down this answer and then think about it more seriously.

What are you all doing, as you thinking or you are dreaming as to how you want to plan your future. Now I think you all might have got an answer to you own question. Now tell me who is practical in life. Have you all noticed that a business man knows how to dream but a farmer knows how to make dreams? I know it’s difficult to understand. Imagine you’re self to be a farmer and you decide to do some thing. So how would you go for it, you will plan and with your positive approach you will achieve it, right. Now consider your self to be a business men, and you decide to do some thing, how would you plan to go for it, you will just spend money and it’s all done. So you’re just dreaming, but a farmer is making a dream. Now I think you know how important is dreaming. It can make your life only if you trust in your dreams and have a positive approach. Nothing can be compared to the dreams. They are one source of approach through which we can gain what ever we want.

There are many kinds’ definitions given to dreams. So say they are source of encouragement, Some of them say that they help in getting destines which is not possible in real life, Some of them think they are powerful magnets which attract people, and so on ……………………. But no one knows the real meaning of dream. It’s all human physiology which makes them act. Right, dreaming is not a decision which is to be taken by parents, or your loved ones. You don’t approach them, they approach you. You might have seen that people get in coma; they get shocked when some shocking new comes, they get nervous, and on the other hand they start dreaming and thinking. What do people say? They say that person is gone mad. Do you think so? No, never it’s their life which has been affected. What about people they just talk and go away, but the sufferers know what sorts of problems they have to face. So no one can escape this.

Dreaming is a part of meditation. I know no one have heard about this. But if you try this, this is going to affect you and your life, in the way you think about it. Remember that people will stop you, nature will attract you, but dreams will make you ‘what you are’. Ask those people who never get what they dream. Dreams are part of your life. What is a Dream? Dreams are a communication of body, mind and spirit in a symbolic communicative environmental state of being. Dreams – A microscope through which we look at the hidden occurrences in our soul.” Dreams are window to the soul.

A dream is a story that a person “watches” or appears to take part in during sleep. Dream events are imaginary, but they are related to real experiences in the dreamer’s life. Everyone dreams, but some people never recall dreaming. Others remember only little about a dream. Dreams are very easily forgotten but are connected to the dreamer. People all over the world sleep at night, and dream different, unique images. Dreams reveal one’s innermost secrets and even allow emerging their hidden individualities. They unleash some of the most intimate experiences. Dreams have a superior intelligence in them: wisdom and cleverness that guides people. They convey illuminating insights, warn about danger, predict future events, and hint at a deeper meaning of life. Dreams steer individuals to an adapted, wise attitude toward life. These sleeping visions are meaningful, mental products, just as thoughts and daydreams are. Dreams have importance and meaning in life; they are not just stories while one sleeps. Never give up dreaming, because if you dream you will achieve if you desire you will reach, and if you act you will receive.

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