Primate Evolution

The human being consists of two aspects – of an immortal spirit and of a mortal body. The flesh comes like a gift of the mother Earth and the spirit of the father God. We dedicate excessively big attention to the first one, but nearly nothing to the latter one; and sometimes we even forget … Read more

Jane Goodall Contribution To Anthropology Essay

In the year 1960, Jane Goodall, a young, naive and optimistic secretarial school graduate, was sent to Gombe Stream Research Center located in East Africa in the country of Tanzania off of Kungwe Bay by fossil-hunter Louis Leakey where she would spend the next thirty years observing pan troglodytes, or chimpanzees, in their natural habitat … Read more

Chimpanzees Assignment Essay

Chimpanzees, otherwise known as Pan Troglodytes, are a species of higher primates that inhabits the tropical forests of central Africa (Shefferly). According to Shefferly, the common chimpanzees are found from Gambia to Uganda, excluding the region bordered by the Congo and Lualaba rivers. Shefferly goes on writing about how chimpanzees can make a habitat out … Read more