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John 3: 24 The Spirit

In the same way, in chapters 5-10 in the epistle of Paul who wrote for the Jews and gentiles we identify that the Spirit was: “setting believers apart, affirms adoption for believers, provides a balance to the law, and affirms adoption for believers” . The Spirit resurrected Jesus. In this book the apostle Paul is using the words, charisma(gifts) and pneumatikos (spiritual relating to the Spirit) referring to the spiritual gifts. I liked the analogy that Paul give the Jews to explained them that they are free from the law that only brought them condemnation.

Warrington gives the illustration of a marriage couple that one of them die and the other one now is set free from that relationship. Similarly, Jews are free from the law because Jesus paid the price for their sins, and my sins. Warrington also talked about the baptism in water and the baptism by the Spirit. It’s important to mentioned that the Holy Spirit set us apart once we accepted. Those people who reject Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven for they blasphemy against the Spirit. Jesus baptized them in water and fire (judgment).

The demons could recognize Jesus as the Son of Yahweh but Jews were so blinds that they could not recognized the savior therefore, they rejected Jesus. In Chapters 11-14, Warrington, describes the law that reveals sin and brings condemnation to sinners (all humanity). In addition, the author explains what Paul meant when he stated that we need to die, he meant that we need to die to sin or to live according to our flesh. He adds that in order to live in the physical realm, we need to have redemption, as a result we will receive salvation. ut we will completely have life once we go heaven. Furthermore, the Spirit imparts gifts that will edify the church.

In addition, salvation is given by the Holy Spirit who will be within us. We need to believe in order to be save then our names are written in the book of life. Moreover, Chapter 15-19, the author stated, Kata theon, “According to God’s values at the point when we become saved by the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name we sign up for rejection but it is not to us who they are rejecting but to God. ” (Warrington, p. 189).

The author gives us the example of 1 John 3:24 The Spirit affirms that a believer is a child of God by the nature relationship they both have. It’s important to have Love and obedience towards God. God’s grace is mortgage in our hearts. Moreover, the Spirit has given (edoken) to us salvation. In 1 John 4:2, it is important that the Spirit affirms the humanity of Jesus because there are false spirits so John advices us to have discernment in spirits. Those who have the Spirit of the Lord will accept Jesus but those who neglect the word then it means that he/she does not have the Spirit.

The Spirit was a witness of Jesus incarnation who through “water and blood” affirming that the Spirit depended on Jesus. The water and blood means water in the baptism, it can also represent the water and blood from Jesus’ side at the crucifixion, and his baptism and crucifixion” (Warrington, p. 208). The Spirit is not only a witness but testifies to Jesus. The book of Jude, “the brother of Jesus who became save and probably a missionary after the resurrection of Jesus. ” (p. 211). The problem that he was facing was: the heresy had the wrong doctrine and it was affecting believers.

He considered that the Spirit was shown in the believers and that the believers needed to pray in the Spirit in order to overcome this battle. In Matthew 7:20, “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. In the book of revelation or known as prophecy, in this book the see the manifestation of the Spirit who gives visions and move the person from one point to another point. In the case of John who had vision of the New Jerusalem and also was taken into the dessert, it reflected how the Spirit can function.

It really got me excited when I read the word, “Bride” because I know that one day I will spend my time having eternal life in front of my Abba. “Listen to what the Spirit says to the church” Warrington, describes the Spirit in unique with whom we have to build a relationship and communicate. The believers we are set apart for the Spirit and the Spirit transforms our lives. In the same manner, the Spirit gives us salvation and empower us for mission. In my own opinion, I really enjoyed Keith Warrington’s book on Discovering the Holy Spirit in the New Testament, he talks straight to the point in a very simple way.

I liked the way that he organized his books by the New Testament books. His language is basic very easy to understand. I felt that he explained well his message through the book and it helped a lot that he broke it down by sessions and questions at the end of the chapter. His approach was beneficial because I was able to comprehend Turner and Menzies together in this book. I supported the way that he presented Bible verses with his reading material because it is well organized and explained in details.

He uses vey few Hebrew words here and there, but he gives the definition with it. In his book, he mentioned about the contemporary church and how people from the Old Testament reacted to each situation. He is an amazing writer that considered his audience so we can understand his points and message on the Holy Spirit. In conclusion, Warrington talks about the role of the Spirit and how the Spirit supported Jesus. In addition, the impact that the Holy Spirit had on individuals by changing their lives after He gave them salvation.

Moreover, The Spirit worked through the community by giving them gifts such as prophecy, healing, and authority to casting out demons. He also mentioned that people used to live by the Law but now in Christ we are set free. The author even gives us an example: Warrington said that following the law and following Jesus was like a couple who married then one dies and the one that stays alive and has been set freedom. It is no longer under that law of obeying the spouse because now it’s no longer there.

Jesus came to give us freedom through the Holy Spirit who gave us salvation. We are set apart therefore, there is a zeal on us given by the Spirit. It does not matter if we sin because the Father does not keep count of our sins because is a merciful God who forgive us, but since we are keep in holiness that means loving Him and being obedient to Him. In 2 Timothy 2:15 “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth. ” We have to be obedient to the Spirit.

The author explained that the gift of the Spirit is received by some people who have faith but not necessarily every believer received only to those the Spirit wants to impart that gift. The author did some minor typos in the chapter bibliography such as naming Robert P. Menzies as Ralph P. Menzies (p. 73). I like the following verse that applies to Keith Warrington as teacher, in Deuteronomy 32:2 “Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants. ”

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