The Great Gatsby Modernism Essay

“Modernism is a deliberate philosophical and practical estrangement or divergence from the past in the arts and literature occurring especially in the course of the 20th century and taking form in any of various innovative movements and styles,” (Modernism). The 1920’s was a great example of this because of the radical changes in what was … Read more


Though Sontag speaks and disagrees with the form of interpretation of art that can be invoked as a stereotype for art critics/interpreters in the modern world today, Aristotle’s representational view of art battles that notion and challenges the view of, whether imitational art is a art form in itself, or just simply the product of … Read more

Authoritarianism End Condition Analysis Essay

Moving throughout points in human history -but mainly focusing on the 19th and 20th centuries- author James Scott takes the reader through multiple case studies of governments and individuals’ pursuit of a centrally controlled society. Authoritarian countries such as the Soviet Union both before and during the cold war as well as imperialist Germany during … Read more

Marian Maguire Materiality Essay

Marian Maguire, Medium and Materiality Marian Maguire’s framed lithograph on paper, Virago (1990), can be found on the fifth floor of the James Hight Library by room 542D. Print dimensions are 720mm x 430mm. The work has been exhibited at the Canterbury Gallery in the 1991 exhibition “Life Cycle in Lithographs” and was purchased for … Read more