Though Sontag speaks and disagrees with the form of interpretation of art that can be invoked as a stereotype for art critics/interpreters in the modern world today, Aristotle’s representational view of art battles that notion and challenges the view of, whether imitational art is a art form in itself, or just simply the product of … Read more

Manets Bar At The Folies Analysis Research Paper

Various Perspectives: Manet’s Bar at the Folies-Bergere Manet’s Bar at the Folies-Bergere effectively speaks volumes without requiring words, or even a detailed analysis by professionals. With anything longer than a quick glance, the viewer can extract from the painting an air of boredom, separation, and perhaps even contempt. The composition of the painting pulls us … Read more

Ovids Metamorphose Analysis Essay

While Bearsley describes the artist as an ephemeral agent in material, supplanting pastoral, aesthetic experience; within the Ovidian oeuvre, particularly the ‘Metamorphoses,’ a diuersae artis (diversity of arts) is often portrayed as a vehicle by which to transcend mortal suffering – occurring in spite of artistry – on the “lore legar populi” (“lips of the … Read more