Reading Blind By Margaret Atwood

“Reading Blind” by Margaret Atwood is a short story that explores the idea of losing one’s sight. The protagonist, John, is a man who is slowly going blind and must come to terms with his deteriorating vision. Throughout the story, Atwood uses descriptive language to paint a picture of John’s experience as he loses his … Read more

The Handmaids Tale Feminist Analysis Essay

Margaret Atwood’s Novel thoroughly depicts feminist and government control issues. Atwood’s intent is to warn society about the dangers surrounding such issues in order to prevent a world like Gilead. Gilead is an anti-feminist society in which women have been oppressed for the sole reason of reproduction necessities and for the infertile women, they also … Read more

Margaret Atwood Biography

Margaret Atwood Biography Novelist, poet, short story writer, critic, teacher, and feminist Margaret Eleanor Atwood was born on November 18, 1939.  Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Atwood was the second of three children to Carl Edmond and Margaret Dorothy Killam Atwood.  She went on to marry writer, Graeme Gibson, and give birth to a daughter named … Read more