The Necklace Literary Analysis

Mathilde and Loisel had no luxury at all, but Mathilde still wished for the good things in life. Her husband, whom would do anything for his wife, got an invitation for a party where all the “important people” (177) would be. Not everyone was given an invitation to the party, so Loisel thought his wife … Read more

Wife Of Bath

Within the book domination and marriage are closely linked as well as the interrelated themes of marriage and sexuality. There was a hierarchy, which placed virgins at the top, then widows who did not remarry, and then married people at the bottom. It was felt that God must love virgins most and that married people … Read more

Countless Marriages: The Abuse Of Alcohol

Countless marriages are destroyed because one partner takes up drinking. This is problematic because excessive alcohol abuse causes the consumer to become violent, which strains the relationship they have with their spouse. Eventually, this relationship begins to deteriorate all together. Almost every marriage in which one person becomes addicted to alcohol becomes unsalvageable, which forces … Read more