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El Que Me Quieras: The Day You Love Me

In the film El dia que me quieras: The Day You Love Me, is based on how men mistreat women and how women are valued less. Women shouldn’t feel discouraged because of their gender and not feel incapable of doing what a man can do. There has also been a majority of women that experience domestic violence in their own homes. Women have also felt to not say anything because of the nuclear family idea, which has also been an issue. Simply because if there is domestic violence in a relationship, then it’s actually something very serious people should take into consideration.

The men in the film felt in the same way as if they had all the power simply because they are the ones who work and bring food to the table. In Nicaragua, the Law 779 was supposed to benefit the women’s but it doesn’t really do much, it is just a cycle that doesn’t have a positive ending just the death of these women in. It shouldn’t end up to the point where these women end up getting killed and even them getting killed nothing actually happening with these men getting away with this serious crime. These shouldn’t be seen as something normal just because these men aren’t paying the right way for their crime.

Women in Nicaragua shouldn’t be mistreated by their husbands and discourage in fighting for their same equal rights mostly important being all humans and the Law 779 should be a resource for a beneficial solution for any serious problem. In addition, in the film El dia que me quieras: The Day You Love Me there was a particular scene where this woman makes a demand against her husband because of domestic violence and threats that were happening. There were all these strange things happening, which stood out.

As soon as she enters the police station the officers give her these negative look and after she finishes talking to the lady that was helping her file demand, the officer man tells her if she was sure what she was doing. In other words, making her doubt herself, but ignores them and continues with the process. Her face looked like she was scared because it took a lot of courage, of herself to go and make the demand, especially because she was also being threatened. This was because she mentions how she was threatened twice and her main concern were her children.

Usually, that is the case, these women decided to stay quite for their children, like these women in the scene she was scared her husband was going to do something to her child. Most of these women in Nicaragua felt like if there wasn’t much to do because the law has been not really benefiting anyone. They have been discouraging in making these demands against their husband because of their religion, it isn’t allowed the nuclear family to be broken apart. That would be against their religion and that is why most of these women feel forced to leave things how they were and find another solution to their problems.

The law was just like this cycle that was going around, nothing positive was getting done and more women were getting killed. The law itself was just this long process where it had to be approved in order to actually be taken to court. When in these cases should be taken in action right away because it is not right for a man to hurt a woman neither psychological or physical. To continue, in the song “Evil” by Bebe it mentions how these women are tired of being mistreated and she has had enough. She mentions how she always hopes that she won’t get hurt by him, especially because he comes home drunk.

He starts to get more aggressive and says how he’s going to wake up the kids. There is a specific part where the artist of the song says “and now I smoke a cigarette and I blow my smoke into your little, because evil, evil, evil you are. ” Meaning that she loved him, but now that he has hurt her in many ways she has lost respect for him, she just has hate towards him. “And your chauvinistic insecurity is reflected every day in my little tears” that’s the only way he can make himself feel powerful by hurting her. The word in security talks about his insecurity of being a man.

In other words, this artist expresses herself with a lot of passion which listener cause some type of emotional connection of what harm is causing these women, not just physically but mentally as well. The negative habits that he has been taking it have caused the love she had for him to break apart. Also as she is singing the tone of her voice starts to increase like if she were to become even a strong woman with no respect for him. Also, these songs is spreading awareness of the things that is happening because most women choose to stay quiet. Women can also feel encouraged to speak up because they will relate themselves to the song.

The song also makes the men seem evil once they hit a woman, which then points them out by demonstrating it isn’t right at all for men to hit women regardless of their differences. For example, in “Antipatriarch” by Ana Tijoux it says how she wants to be equal as him which means as men. “I don’t want to walk behind you, I walk alongside right here. ” Meaning there is no need to be more then him referring to men. When everything can be spread equally without breaking the idea of expectations, in who should have the power. When having power that causes to feel superior and in these cases men tempt to feel with the right to be more aggressive.

Beautiful woman stands on her own feet, and breaks the chains of the skin… Not passive nor oppressed beautiful women who gives life emancipated in autonomy antipatriarch and happiness Liberate… ” meaning that the idea of the expectations of what a women should be like is broken apart. Also the ideology of women to be less than men and the importance of women because they are the ones that give life. Things would be more different if everyone treated each other equally. Furthermore, women shouldn’t feel discouraged because they depend mostly on their husbands.

In the article Mediated Intimacies: State Intervention and Gender Violence in Nicaragua by Alicia Zoe Miklos, mentions how the law doesn’t really help and usually women get killed. Women were also seen if they had something to do with the behavior of men mistreating them. “Where in cases of intrafamilial violence, women had to sign a form and assume part of the responsibility for the violence and abandon their right to trial”(Miklos) not just they were experiencing domestic violence but they were seen like if it was their fault for the actions their husband made.

Not many other countries are not aware because the president tries to hide what is actually happening. The woman in the scene feels unsafe and with not that many resources to actually get help. She ended up not continuing with the process maybe because there might have been serious threats or the fact she depended on her husband to bring food to the table. These elements of masculine privilege that the case brought to light continue to be relevant to the controversy over the Law 779 and meditation, in the sense that they touch the prestige of the father and contribute to dismantling the myth of his protection over of the nuclear family in the Nicaraguan imaginary”(Miklos). These particular quote mentions how this myth was based in how men were seen with the power because of them being protectors.

Also it all lead to the nuclear family role, was one of the most important things. 57 were resolved through mediation in cases of rape, statutory rape, and dishonest abuse even though the Penal Code at the time supposedly prohibited mediation in serious felonies”(Miklos) There were many of this case being hidden within the government because didn’t want other people to know about what was actually happening in Nicaragua. It is a serious crime anywhere else in world, when the government was aware because then there should have not been nothing to hide. Also “men seem to conceive of feminism and women’s rights as a war as a direct attack on their position in society”(Miklos).

Men did see it as a direct attack and didn’t agree the fact they should share power with women. That is where it leads to jobs for women because they were very low, especially men have been seen the strongest enough to handle the work. A solution would have been where women would have their own job which could have let them value themselves equally because they were treated less important than men. Women should have the same freedom as men because they are as important as men. They are the ones that are raising their children and doing most everything around the house with responsibilities.

In conclusion, women shouldn’t feel terrified by their husbands just because of them feeling superior than women. The process of making justice for these women experiencing domestic violence shouldn’t take so long. Women shouldn’t also fear in fighting for their equal rights or feel less than men because of their gender. I feel like everyone is cable of doing anything regardless of them . People should be treated like how they treat others, that is where it all start from. The Law 779 in Nicaragua should actually benefit the women and shouldn’t be ignore because them being killed is considered a crime and being mistreated.

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