Uncle Sam Essay

In 1898, the United States engaged in a war against Spain, a declining imperial nation. The United States would eventually succeed in defeating the Spanish with their powerful navy and military power as well as their well-planned strategy. As a result, this secured the United States’ position as a major political player within the Pacific, … Read more

English Learners: A Case Study Research Paper

While completing our service learning with the Master of Science in English Education program by meeting with our conversation partners throughout the semester we have each come across some difficulties our partners face. It is often difficult for them to pronounce certain words and syllables, using pronouns correctly, understanding our “slang” and social norms, learning … Read more

How Did The Empire Influence British Culture And Identity Essay

According to (Porter, 2008) some historians have refuted and claimed that the empire does have the influence on British culture and national identity. Famous historian Bernard Porter has made an argument about the extent of imperial propaganda, which has been grossly exaggerated for the period earlier to the 1880’s, and after few decades later the … Read more

Diversity in the post-war United Kingdom

Diversity in the post-war United Kingdom ‘What have been the main forms of diversity to emerge in the post-war United Kingdom, and to what extent have they been sources of uncertainty? There have been many forms of diversity to emerge in the UK in the post war period. It is subjective which of these can … Read more