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Summary: The Musical Walking Lion Essay

Fisher Price’s Musical Walking Lion is designed to help children 6 months to 36 months of age into actually taking their first steps as well as to steady their steps at the beginning of their journey into walking. This Musical Walking Lion provides a variety of benefits parents will get from their child from buying this toy; some of those benefits include a better method of learning to walk, provides entertainment, and hands on activities. The Musical Walking Lion is a great toy to help out parents in teaching their child how to walk and help them develop certain skills they will use.

This toy is made to have two modes of playing time, one of them is the Sit & Play mode that includes plenty of entertaining activities. The other mode of playing is the Stand & Walk mode; the Musical Walking Lion provides energetic tunes to encourage the baby to continue walking. According to Fisher Price’s About Us, Fisher Price was founded in 1930, by Herman Fisher, Helen Schelle, Irving Price. (1) The purpose of this company that came to be a huge success, was to provide “16 Hopefuls,” which consists of 16 toys that were made to bring joy to children while the Depression was still looming. The Fisher Price Story, 3) The founder’s creed states that all toys must have an “intrinsic play value,” “ingenuity,” “strong construction,” “good value for the money,” and “action. ” Following a 75-year history of success, making Fisher-Price the world’s largest and most trusted name in preschool toys. (The Fisher Price, 1)

Fisher Price was also listed as part of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies” due to responsible manufacturing, commitment to sustainability, and many more positive viewed ways. Burke, 1) Having information about Fisher Price increases the credibility of this toy. It helps with trusting this product, and believing what this toy is capable of achieving for the customer. The package itself is very important when trying to sell a toy. There has to be various things to get a consumer to purchase an item. The Musical Walking Lion, comes in a box entailed with pictures of a baby sitting down playing with the toy, as well as standing up, with the help of the toy. There is a lot of information about the toy on the box.

When looking at this toy it is clear that this toy is not directed for a child to view and want to buy, but more so parents of a younger child, who are interested in what this toy is capable of achieving for their own child. The caution at the bottom of the box also let’s you know more of who the main purchaser for this toy is. As well, as where the toy was placed on the shelf of the toy section. This toy is sold in many stores, one of them including Wal-Mart. Where a toy is located is very important. The Musical Walking Lion is located on one of the top shelves in the toy aisle.

Where it is located makes it intriguing for a parent to look at it. Therefore, making this toy have a primary audience of a parent, or person looking to buy a smaller in age child, whom most likely is trying to learn how to walk. Of course, it must also be interesting for a smaller child to want to play with it, which comes in touch with the design of this toy. Looking at this package it is fully known that it is in fact for a smaller child because of its colors. The colors are nice and bright, childlike colors that attract smaller children.

There are also very simple little designs on this packaging, design young ones would be attracted to. There’s nothing better than bright colors and a nice song to get little kids excited. When looking further down where this toy is located there are a lot of girl items under it and boy toys on the sides of it, making this toy for both boys and girls. Although, there are only baby boys on the box of this toy, making it seem as though this toy would be meant only for boys, this toy can be used for both boy and girls.

Never has it been said a lion is meant to represent a boy or a girl, therefore this toy may be used for any gender. The packaging of the Musical Walking Lion creates emotion for a parent. Most buyers that would purchase this item, are adults with babies. This toy creates hope for a parent, it creates that excitement parents have seeing their child learning how to walk and learning how to do other things like balance and coordination in relation to learning how to walk. This toy also makes it possible for the child to enhance their self-discovery and awareness with the peek-a-boo mirror this toy has. Babies “R” Us Fisher Price’s Musical Lion Walker, 1)

It is listed on the box of this toy that it will help develop gross motor skills, fine motor skills, helps with balance and coordination. Any parent who would think of purchasing this toy is most likely very drawn to their excitement for when their child is helped out by this product. Assuming the product will work is the reason consumers will purchase something. On the front and back of this toy it is giving us a view of how this product will be used and the benefits one gets after purchasing it.

There is a section where it is exactly stated what the consumer would get from this after it has been used. The picture on the front of this toy, there are pictures which show plenty of reason as to why someone would purchase this toy. The image is of a baby on this Musical Walking Lion, enjoying his time being on the toy. That would definitely get a kick with parents, and make them want to buy this toy. It gives them a hint that babies like this kind of toy and would then get them convinced that their own child will love this toy, since the baby in the image looks as though they are having a great time.

Parents would get a sense of hope when looking at this, if it worked for this baby, it can work on their baby too. The back of this toy shows an image of a baby being on the Walking Musical Lion with a parent in the back. This image is full of happy thoughts. It shows the consumer that when purchasing this toy, it can make you happy. In the image the parent seems very excited that their baby is on the toy, right under the image it says the reason for this, is that it is being able to help the baby’s gross motor skills by having lights dance and music play which encourages the baby to walk.

This would get a person to trust this and to be excited to try this out on their baby. This toy shows many positive aspects that it could bring to a child. Some being the lights, music, and activities it has to keep a child entertained. According to Babies R’Us, the ratings for this toy is a 4. 4 out of 5-star rating and 94% of people who rated it would recommend this toy. According to Walmart ratings it was given a 4. 3 out of 5-star rating with 92% of people saying they would recommend it.

These rating, from real people provide a better view of how true this toy is and if it will actually work, as well as provides you with feedback. Overall, this toy has been given a good amount of reviews, to reach the conclusion that it will most likely be worth your money. The message given by this product is very positive and shows the reason as to why someone would be interested in purchasing this toy. The packaging, the emotions brought on the customer, and what the toy is capable of doing all tie in together to create a toy that will be very beneficial to its targeted audience.

This is the type of toy that could live generations on. There will always be a new child who is about to start walking, this is the toy that can help them out. This toy is set to help out all baby’s about to learn how to walk and help them develop. The Musical Walking Lion is a “grow with me” type of toy, it has many benefits to help new children in multiple types of ways. This toy is provided with varies benefits that will have the attention of many parents to get for their child. The benefits provided by this toy are admirable.

There is no need to stress out with when your child will finally walk, this toy can help increase their ability to do so. It provides everything needed for a smaller child who is still in their developing stages. With the help of the Musical Walking Lion a child will start developing motor skills, balance and coordination, self-discovery, and awareness. The sit up and play mode that is set with this toy help the child with strengthening their muscles and help the baby get engaged with their sight, sound, and touch. Babies “R” Us Fisher Price’s Musical Lion Walker, 1)

Therefore, helping the child develop varies things that is needed to provide them with a stronger, healthy life. The Musical Walking Lion is a very great way to make sure you have a baby exploring their ways into walking in no time. With this product, there are many ways in which it will benefit a child. The packaging of a product, the location of where this product is, and the benefits this product can provide are all very important to determine whether this toy is capable of truly working for a consumer or not.

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