Alice Pasquini Research Paper

In our small region of Scioto County, graffiti is often found everywhere. Usually, it is gang names, and words that are tattooed on walls or on the side of trains, that is if you don’t count the astonishing murals painted up on the flood walls. Other places, however, have graffiti that looks as if it … Read more

Bombshell Advertising

As a child, either skipping, walking, or running through the malls, I gazed at the “pictures” hanging on the walls, wondering what they were there for. As we journeyed to the other side of the mall, there I would find the advertisements with the girls that were almost completely naked. This constantly made me uncomfortable … Read more

Essay on Red Carnation In Pauls Case

In her short story “Paul’s Case,” Willa Cather’s use of red carnations serves as a symbol for her protagonist Paul’s own life. The carnations, alongside the significance of the color red, appear multiple times throughout the story. They exemplify the statement Cather makes about how people and objects who attempted to live a different kind … Read more

Critical Reflective Report Essay

In this critical reflection, I will make an objective evaluation of what the course learned by the Advanced Journalism Skills in the spring semester. I also will talk about the problem I met during this process and the solution I took. In this course, we learned how to re-write and shape journalists’ copies for print … Read more

The Greatest Generation: A Semiotic Analysis Essay

The Greatest Generation, (2013) is the fourth studio album by Pennsylvanian pop-punk band The Wonder Years. With the albums lyrical content reflecting a struggle with anxiety and discovering self purpose, the story-telling elements repeatedly draw a relation between life now in modern days and growing up in America between the 1920’s and the 1960’s. By … Read more

Chuck Close Keith Analysis Essay

The image Keith by Chuck Close is a large and detailed painting with a plain background. The artist includes texture by drawing the pores and wrinkles that were on his friend’s face. In addition, there is a single strand for every hair on Keith’s head and eyebrows. Chuck Close even included black holes on the … Read more