Steven Johnsons The Ghost Map Essay

Steven Johnson’s The Ghost Map is a detailed description of the cholera epidemic in 1864, but the more interesting part of the book is how Dr. John Snow and Rev. Henry Whitehead’s different ideas merge to solve the mystery of the source of the illness. Although as Johnson makes clear in the early pages of … Read more

Medieval Knights Research Paper

(AGG)knights were an important part of the social system during the middle ages in Europe. (BS-1)Their training and education started at a young age continuing into adulthood. (BS-2)They were then considered to be weapons for their lords. (BS-3)It was expected that all knights live by a strong code of conduct. (TS)Knights helped give rise to … Read more

The Argument Against the Death Penalty

The feeling of the condemned man was indescribable, as he was minutes away from being executed by an unjust decision. The verdict of his case was guilty on the grounds of circumstantial evidence. When in all reality, he was guilty because he was black, poor and socially unacceptable. His case never stood a chance, it … Read more