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Black Death: A Short Story Essay

As I was walking through the grass, the weeds got caught on my pants. Clover was running way ahead of me, but I could still see her tail wiggle in the grass. Soon my mother would call my name so I could come home and eat supper, but I really didn’t feel hungry. Suddenly Clover started barking I rushed to see the excitement. A squirrel was running around a tree as the dog was barking at it. After a while my mother called my name to eat. When I was running back I tripped over a stone and had a big cut on my knee. Sweaty and hurt I cried for my mom she came rushing and picked me up and carried me to the house.

My mother washed it, bandaged it up and treated my wound with care. While eating dinner the phone rang, my mother grabbed it and started to cry. Then she hanged up. Mother said, “Darling your father not going to be here for two more days. ” Sadly | went up stairs to get into bed. Clover jumped onto my bed and layed down right next to me. I could hear mother crying down stairs. I felt bad for her because father has not came back from his mission in weeks and we keep getting calls saying he would be back soon, but he hasn’t. Finally I daydream into sleep.

I could her mother calling my name from down stairs trying to get me up for school. My throat hurt so I told my mom to come take my temperature. I told her I did not feel good so she told me to lay down and rest, so I got into bed. I tried to go to sleep, but It was hard. I decided to read a book to slowly make me tired. I grabbed a random book of the shelf and went in my bed. The book was called, “Black Death”. The first words were, “Sailing through the seas made the ship rock back and forth, making everyone seasick. ” It sounded boring, but It made me think about my dad on the plane that could have crashed on the sea.

I started to cry, slowly getting myself to sleep. I felt icky and sick. I felt as if I was awake, but still sleeping. When I stood up I was wearing a dress that was all dirty. When I looked back I saw | was laying down In a hammock. Suddenly the ground started to rock back and forth. I fell as it happened unaware when it did happen. Looking around I was in a weird wood room with a door. I decided to go outside the door and when I opened It there were lots of people out in the fog on a boat. Wait I was on a boat I thought to myself In a confused expression.

I saw land ahead and people were getting ready to aboard the ship while we were sailing in. When the ship hit land the moved a board so we could walk off the ship safely. I was scared and was about to cry when I saw sick and sad people hugging each other. As started to run I saw someone on the ground still as a dead tree in the summer. I went over to the person seeing if they were ok. When I walked up their clothes were torn and they had dark rashes all over them. There were flies flying all over the place. One fly landed on a weird big bump on their neck. It was gross and disgusting.

Suddenly someone In the distance was saying,” Back away hurry, back away! ” I jumped away from the dead person. A girl about my age,was running towards me. Her little red hair was flying in the air as she was running. She came up to me and said, ” Back away, be careful you’ll get sick to your too young to die! ” “The plague is everywhere follow me to a place where you can be safe from the danger. ” I was speechless, but I decided to follow her because I’m still confused how in the first place I even got here. The little red haired girl started to run and I followed on her footsteps on the wet dirt road.

Puddles where splashing as she stepped in them. There was a big hill where a little tree and home was standing and she was heading in its direction. The sun started to rise above the dark rainy clouds. The little girl ran inside the little house. I followed her inside. It was old and dusty inside. There were few stools and tables with another door leading to a small room with beds. The little red girl had a little piece of bread in her hand lifting it up for me to take and reach, but I shook my head. She shrugged and threw the piece of bread into her mouth.

Suddenly under a silent oment she said, ” I’m glad you’re here I get pretty lonely. What happened to your family. ” I thought about my mom and dad and then how I got here. I sat down in the the little stool and a tear ran down my cheek. I said, “I don’t know? ” I asked her. She said, ” Don’t worry mines gone too. They all died from the plague. Mother, Father, Johny, Catherine, and little Joe. I’m the only one who didn’t get it. And now I’m lonely until you came and now I’m happy. My name is Elizabeth. What’s yours? “. I thought for awhile thinking if I should tell her, then I said “Collette”.

She said my name is beautiful. Then we heard people running towards our way. Like a angry crowd. Elizabeth said,” Hurry follow me they’re chasing us. They think we’re sick cause my family died and think I have I too! “. I ran as fast as I could to catch up with her. We darted to a forest where we would be safe. They crowd lost us as we ran through the forest. I was scared, but glad that we didn’t get caught. Elizabeth didn’t look too well she looked weak and was coughing. “I know this may be a bad time, but what’s the plague and why is it so bad. ”

I said. Elizabeth said, “It’s a sickness that has been killing the world It has affected mostly everyone and it’s so contagious. ” Thinking about sickness made me feel icky and I saw a stream that we could wash in. I walked over there and washed my legs, arms, and face. ” People believe it’s the end of the world so it’s also called the Black death. ” Elizabeth said. Suddenly, she fell down, she had rashes all over her skin they were black. She started to cry and said, “ Now me! Why does everyone have to be right. ” She was shivering so I decided to make a fire like how my father had taught me before he left.

The night sky was full of stars. Elizabeth said, ” Collette you have to go to the village straight from here on your own and go to Mama Kioty. She never gets sick there you can live with her. I won’t be able to come with you l’ sick and weak I won’t be able to come with you, ok. ” I said “ok” In a crying voice. The sky was blue and I guess I fell asleep. I went to wake up Elizabeth but she wasn’t waking up. I then knew why. I fell to my knees and cried. She was my only friend and person who I know she helped me understand what’s going on. I decided to dig a hole to bury her.

After suffering my freinds loss, I ran until I saw a village that she was meaning. Soonly after, talking and talking to everyone in the village I finally found where Mama Kioty was when I walked inside her home there was weird fragrances there as I walked in she was laying on the ground dead. Suddenly I felt dizzy and sick. It was painful. I suddenly saw darkness creal the room. My hair was in my face as I got off my pillow in my room Teal and gold colors surrounding me I started to remember I was at my real home. I ran as fast as I could down stairs and I hugged my mom. There I saw my dad, I felt safe at home.

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