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Persuasive Sea Fishing

On May 21, 2016 Hannah, Jake, and Brett were on their way to Daytona, Florida for vacation. After traveling several hours they finally arrive, check into a hotel, change and head to the beach. They swam for a little bit, talked, and ate their lunch on the beach. After a while of talking they decided to go deep sea fishing. They paid forty dollars and got on the boat. After an hour of driving they finally got to the spot where they could fish. After fishing for about 30 minutes, a shark hit the boat and Hannah fell out. Jake and Brett call for help but nobody came.

They decide that their only choice was to jump out and save her. They got stuck in the underwater current and it pulled them all far away from the boat. They finally got above water and tried to yell for help but the boat was leaving and nobody could hear them. They could see an island but didn’t know if they could make it in time before the shark got back. They had to try though. It took them ten minutes to get there but they made it. When they arrived they started looking around and found a skeleton with a first aid kit and flare guns with it. They took the supplies and continued to look around.

When they found firewood they figured out a place in the middle of the island to build a fort and make a fire to camp for the night and hope that the boat came back in the morning. The later it got, the more the tide was rising but they were on a higher ground so it didn’t reach them. They got through the night but realized they were going to have to do something to keep warm and find a way to get food. Jake and Brett found fishing line and a stick and made a fishing pole. After catching several fish they went for more firewood while Hannah was fixing up their place to sleep so they would be a little more warm than they were the night before.

After waiting all day, the boat never came back and the shark was circling the island. That night while the tide was rising, it reached them. They had no choice but to try and swim to a buoy and hope that the shark wasn’t around. Dylan went first, then Hannah, then Brett. It was about 30 yards and the water was cold. When they were about half way there they seen the shark fin. It was coming towards them and very fast. It went back under, they didn’t know where it was but they knew they needed to get where they were going fast. All the sudden..

Hannah went under. Blood was everywhere and she was under for about two minutes, when she came back up, her leg was gone. After reaching the buoy Jake and Brett tried their best to wrap up her leg and stop the bleeding but it wouldn’t stop, she was losing too much blood and they knew they couldn’t save her. After an hour, she was gone. They were devastated but knew they had to try and keep going. They shot off the flare guns but it wasn’t working. Nobody was coming. Trying to figure out where they were was impossible and they couldn’t do it.

Just when they thought they were safe for the night, the shark comes up and hit the buoy which sent Brett, Jake, and already dead Hannah flying. Hannah was gone, she had been eaten. Jake and Brett swam as fast as they could to try and get back to the island, but Jake’s fast, just wasn’t fast enough. He was pulled under. Brett screamed and tried to grab him but he was pulled away. Brett reached the island and screamed for Jake but there was no answer. There was no sign, he was just gone. Three days had passed, there was no firewood, no food, no water, and Brett had no hope. He was going to die.

He had lost his two best friends and he blamed himself. After falling asleep, he was woken up by the sound of a horn. Realizing it was a boat he jumped up and screamed while waving them over towards him. Brett was rescued and he wanted to see if he could find Jake. Something was telling him that he had made it, that he was alive. After an hour of searching, he was right. They found Jake about a mile away from the island where Brett was. Jake was alive, but in critical condition. He was dehydrated, and had lost an arm. They got off the boat, grabbed him and immediately headed to the shore to get them to the hospital.

Brett and Jake were unconscious by this time. An ambulance was waiting at the dock when they returned. Ten days had passed before they woke up in the hospital surrounded by their family and friends. They barely remembered what all happened. As days passed their memory slowly returned and no matter how hard they tried to stop it, it kept coming. It wasn’t a dream. It all happened. Hannah was gone, Jake lost an arm. Everyone asked questions but they never felt like talking about it. All they did was remember the good times they spent together and did their best to be positive. Never again returning to the beach, or even anywhere close to one.

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