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Immediate and Long-Term Effects of the Korean War

Amanda Evanston Immediate and Long-Term Effects of the Korean War University of Phoenix The Korean War started with communist North Korea invading anti-communist South Korea. The United States, who were already in North Korea to some extent Joined forces with South Korea to help them against the North Korean invasion. They saw the Korean War as a fight against communism and felt that if North Korea was able to take over South Korea it would lead to communism spreading and taking over one area at a time until there were none left. President Truman felt it vital to get involved before it reached that point.

One immediate effect of the Korean War was the loss of life. The war was not an extremely long war but had more civilian loss of life than World War II and the Vietnam War. This contributed to the stalemate that was reached as continuing the war until there was a clear winner would only have caused more involvement from other countries such as China who called the Americans moving into North Korea an “armed aggression against Chinese territories” (“History. Com”, 1996-2013. Another immediate effect of the Korean War an also be considered a long-term effect because of the impact the war made on history.

The United States made it very clear that they would step in to defeat communism if it threatened to spread. This was immediate from the second the U. S. Actively started helping South Korea against North Korea and is still a point today. A long-term effect of this war would be that it showed different strategies during the war without resorting to atomic war. Strategies were used that were “designed to gain national objectives” rather than Just senseless destroying to Win'(Encyclopedia. Com”, 2013). Another long term effect would be that America became more armed and prepared to defend national or alliance safety.

The United States was not well prepared for the Korean War and after the Korean War, the U. S. Had a higher “state of combat readiness” (Encyclopedia. Com”, 2013). President Trauma’s response to the Korean War was Justified because it was a statement against communism. Many believed that North Korea stepping into South Korea was the first step in what could become a huge snowball of taking over areas and spreading communism which the country was greatly against. By aiding North Korea, Truman made a statement that communism would not be allowed to spread.

Despite not wanting communism to spread, he also did not want to cause WI which is why he had no desire to go against China when they stepped in and told the U. S. To ‘back off so to speak. In the end, the decisions President Truman made led to the prevention of North Korea spreading communism into anti-communist South Korea and possibly farther while not causing WI to take place. Sources Holster. Com. Encyclopedia. Com. Korean_War. Asps Retriever Trot nntp:/ nelsons. Com/topics/Korean-war (2013). Retrieved from http://www. Encyclopedia. Com/topic/

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