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Mandatory Community Service Research Paper

Community service I feel like is a much need class in school. I think this could help a lot of people become more involved with society. It could help kids that are shy kind of get out there and learn to speak with people and work with them. Learn to be out in the community with people and helping each other out. This class should be mandatory in my opinion. Community service can do no harm to people. People will feel good after they do some and if it is offered as a class it might motivate kids to come to school more often.

A lot of kid would rather be doing community service than sitting in school learning about how to e out in the real word. With this class you are experiencing being out in the real world. I really have never done community service. All I have ever really done is clean highways and ref little kids soccer and basketball games. I also helped out with basketball camps teaching little kids how to play the game. Other than that I have never done any community serve. My friends had to do some community service because they got in trouble.

That’s why most kids do community service nowadays is because they get in trouble and they are ordered to do some type of community service. If I were to take that class I would elp elderly win technology, coach a youth sports team, and be a younger kids mentor. First, I will teach computer skills to the elderly as community service. I think this would be fun to do because I am very good with computer technology and I know a couple old people who have no clue what to do. Nowadays technology is the only way to get around in this world.

I would teach them only the basics of computer skills because if you teach them too much then they may be a little confused. It would be nice if they learned how to use their emails. They would be able to communicate to heir friends from different states and stay in touch with families that they can’t talk to. I know this will help because I have grandparents who don’t know anything about technology. It would be nice for them to have a cell phone so it would be easier to contact them. Also they still buy things from catalogs, so this will also help them to buy more stuff online.

Im sure there is amore variety of things online then there is in a catalog. I’m sure these old people won’t use technology very often because they are used of being without it. Knowing my grandparents though that this computer technology will help hem out so much with everything. It’s hard to keep in contact with them. It’s hard for them to keep up what’s going around in the news. They have a lot of catalogs but not Internet. So they go through this long process of ordering it on a telephone but if they knew how to use a computer they could do it so much easier.

This is why I would like to help the elderly with computer technology because I know that this will things become easier for them. Next, I will coach a sport that I love to a youth team. I would coach a younger boys basketball team for sure. Basketball is my favorite sport and I would love to teach kids how to play and ove the game like I do. This would also go good on my resume when i’m trying to be a coach for a basketball team. So teaching these kids would be my dream and would just love to do it. It would help kids be more interested in physical activities and hopefully I could get them to play throughout high school.

This would be something that I would enjoy. I love being around basketball and I live to see people make improvements. This would be a good experience to see if being a coach is what I want to do. I feel like when you’re at a young age that is when you are trying to gain interest in something. If you gain interest in something then you will most likely stick with it and become better at it. So if I could get this little kids to have interest in basketball I could I help them improve their game so when they get to an older age they will be better than most. This will also help them stay out of trouble.

Most kids if they aren’t doing anything will get bored and when they get bored they are prone of doing bad things. If I could help kids stay out of trouble by teaching them how to play basketball then I would be more than happy to spend a lot of my time doing that. It will benefit me and it will benefit them. Last, I will be a young mentor to a younger kid. I would love teach a kid how to do things and have someone look up to me. Teach them how to make it in the world and take care of responsibilities. That is usually why these kids have mentors is because they are kind of having a hard time.

When they get a role model in their life they can start going on the right path. I would love to affect someone’s life by just being there for them. Especially I have always wanted a younger brother and this could be like I have a younger brother. I also wouldn’t mind if it was a girl. I just wanted a younger sibling but I’ve always reamed about a younger brother. So this would also be an experience for me too. I would enjoy this so much to do this, it would keep me busy and it would also keep me in check because I know I have to be a good example to these young kids.

I watched this one movie once and it was basically about this type of community service. These guys got in trouble and had to be mentors to little kids and it was cool to watch them change this kids lives. It gave those kids friends and it helped them throughout their daily works. That’s why I wouldn’t mind to this community service because I like helping people. If omeone is in need of some help then I would be more than happy to do what I can do. This will give me a chance to see if I could be a good parent.

If I could help these kids change courses then I know for sure I could help guide my kids in the right path. They’re benefits in community service that nothing else can compare too. Clearly, there are a lot of things that you can do for community service. I just listed the things thatI would love to do. If that class would make me do other things I would be okay with that that. I love the idea of community service is school. I think that is great and it would help people out. The choices that I made to do are the things that I would be all of my energy too.

When someone does lot like something they usually don’t go all the way with it. That’s why when I have these three things would really work hard to be the best at them. I would try my best to help these people out. I really hope they start putting this class in every school. This would only benefit things and it won’t have a negative effect. I mean that is what school is all about, trying to prepare to go out in the real world. This class would do that I think, it would help us learn to be with other people and work with them

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