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I plan to play a lot of basketball this summer. We will probably end up going to nationals in Orlando, which would be a lot of fun. I will lift a lot of weights to get stronger also. Other than playing basketball, I will be going to Oregon and visiting friends and family. I should spend about 3 weeks there. I will obviously work on my tan. I plan to work on learning the bass guitar. That should be a lot of fun, because I have a lot of musical talent that I havent had the time to use. I think that peer-pressure for me right now isnt bad at all.

I am not being pushed into drugs heavily, or anything else that is illegal. The pressure to perform well in basketball is high right now. I am not liking that, I feel that I will probably take a break from playing ball relatively soon. Because of my peer-pressure in basketball, I have not had much time to do school work. It get frustrating when your teachers get mad at you for not doing your work, when it really isnt your fault. I think I have put lots of work into my school year. I will stay up all night sometimes to do projects, like I am doing right now.

Considering I have basketball, school, chores, weights, and friends to deal with, I think that I am doing alright. Some teachers just are never satisfied though. I am excelling well in all of those categories. Next year I will do a lot better in school though. I need to come out of high school with about a 3. 4 GPA. I dont necessarily have a dream car. There are many cars that interest me, but none that out-weight the rest. I am sufficient at time management skills. I definitely could improve in that area, but for all the things that I have to do in one day, I think that I do a plenty good job.

As I said 2 paragraphs ago, I will be spending more time on school next year, which means that something will have to give a little. I believe that something will be basketball. I dont think there should be but one rule in the dress code. I think that the only rule should be that you cant come to school naked. Telling kids what they can and cannot wear because it is revealing is stupid. The reason that the code is even put there, is because of all the horny guys in this school of ours. So the stupid principal forces a dress code on the student population, which is mainly put in for the girls.

If men are so big on respecting girls, then why do they dictate what the girl can and cannot wear. I would like to see change in this rule soon. I think that having a pager or cell phone is perfectly fine. As long as the pager or phone isnt on in class, it should be fine to have on campus. There is no danger. The paranoid geezers of this school are worried about drug deals if you have either of these. Well that is none of their business of who does drugs and who doesnt. Leave it to the cops to take care of things like that.

I think that it is just a big power struggle, and the adults dont want to compromise because they think that we are lower than them. I think that this is a form of prejudice and it should be stopped. I dont think there should be a legal age for when you can get a job. If the person has the skills required, then they should be able to get the job. Telling a person when they can begin earning money in my opinion is wrong. I think it violates some kind of law. Considering all of the geezer adults in the country are all anal about law and stuff, they should pay attention to this one more carefully.

Schools should definitely have more classes that students are interested in. Teens wont pay attention in class if it isnt interesting to hear. I think that if they just made the curriculum more interesting, then there would be better grades. If they had a whole new class that students wanted to take, then that would be even better, because there would be student activity in the class. Again it relates back to the big power struggle of adults wanting to be the Billy badass of the school. No. Schools should hold a few a year, and have job opportunities at them as well.

I. E. a company comes and tells you about themselves, and then offers jobs to students who are interested. There should also be the kind of companies that you can only work for if you have a higher education. A mixture of both would be good for the school and the community. No. I think that America is definitely the world police and we should be able to put boundaries between us and other countries, if we are going to protect everyone. This might backfire on America though, because it will anger the other countries, and they will come against us and take us out.

People definitely rely on machines too much. If they didnt then there would be less overweight people. I think that machines will eventually run the world. We will make artificial intelligence, and then it will backfire, just like everything else that we make does. I think that humans should just plant forests, and get rid of cities, and go live in tribes. We have done it before and we can do it again. It will help global warming, and the population will go down which is good. I dont think that people were meant to live in such large quantities. I think that there shouldnt be a world.

If I could invent a bomb that could destroy the earth, I would invent it, and use it. It would put an end to all of this misery. If there is a heaven, good, we are all happy there. If there isnt a heaven, and we just die then we wont know that we are dead. Either way, it is a win, win situation. Memphis definitely needs more tourist attractions. Lots of people come here every year to go on vacation. We need more things for them to do, so that Memphis can have another large source of income. I think that Memphis is too dependant on one source of income, and it will hurt us in the long run.

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