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Immigration-Pauline Hanson Is Wrong

Pauline Hanson’s view on migration is incorrect. Ceasing migration would not be good for Australia either culturally or economically. An intelligent and sophisticated immigration program, which focuses strongly on skilled and business migration, can have a beneficial impact on our economy. The National Multicultural Advisory Council, chair Neville Roach is a firm believer in continued immigration: “Australia is a multicultural society, he said. Our cultural diversity has been a strength and an asset in our development as a nation. ” Migrants have been the heart of building Australia into a strong economy.

Migrants in modern Australia create jobs and business opportunities and continue to add to the rich social and cultural fabric of Australian society. Business Skills migrants create on average six new jobs and invest millions of dollars into the economy. They have brought new ideas and new technology to the areas of medicine, science, information technology, mining, primary industry and business. Their familiarity with different cultures, languages and lifestyles as well as how overseas business works has helped local companies compete in Australia and overseas.

The current Migration Program is balanced and targeted to meet our economic, environmental and international objectives. Expanding a vibrant economy depends on a large population, like for example, the USA and Japan. Immigration stimulates the economy through increased tax revenue, contribution of funds from overseas, participation in employment, spending on housing and increased consumption of goods and services. Research shows that migrants are less reliant on social security than people born in Australia.

Surveys on business migration reveals that within two months of arrival, over half establish businesses employing an average of five staff. “Migrants both create jobs and take jobs. They increase the demand for goods and services, which leads to job creation. They bring in capital that can be used to invest in new businesses. They also increase the size of the labour force adding to Australia’s productive capacity. Migrants also increase and expand the labour force, adding to Australia’s productive capacity,” Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, Phillip Ruddock said.

Immigrants who enter into business or obtain skilled employment soon after arrival in Australia generally have a highly positive impact on the economy and on the government finances. This in turn leads to a downward pressure on unemployment. It is patently clear that Ms Hanson’s views are wrong. As Jeanette Shu, a year 12 student at Mac-Robertson Girls High School stated: “As we are approaching the 21st century, it is evident that immigration is the catalyst for Australia’s economic growth and cultural diversity”. Immigration-Pauline Hanson Is Wrong

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