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Personal Narrative: My Ideal American Society Essay

An ideal world for me would consist of us helping one another get up on our feet rather than compete and drag each other down. My ideal world does not have to be perfect in any way because our imperfections are what makes us who we are as people. And those imperfections are what drives or motivates us to be the best versions of ourselves. Critically analyzing all of the choices I have for an ideal American society, I would definitely choose the values of empathy, equality and lastly perseverance. I think that by centering our society in these three values, we not only better our ourselves, but our community and country as a whole.

There is too much violence going on in our country that we need to focus in the idea of empathy, to understand and feel for those who we think we cannot relate to. We need to practice the idea of equality, because without equality, then no one is truly free. The minority of the people has been fighting for decades to get the equality that all people no matter the color of the skin deserves. We have evolved and have becomes less focused in the color of the skin of people, however, it still remains in our society and it still has not truly gone away.

By practicing the value of equality for all, no matter what we consider ourselves, we would definitely have a better society, with much more understanding people. Lastly, I think that practicing the value of perseverance would also help our society be the best that it can be. With more people having the determination to not give up when facing tough situations, we not only help ourselves get back up, but we also help our economy thrive simply by having everyone do the best that we can. Focusing and shifting our values from the way we view

America today will not only help us from continuing the path of destruction. In a society full of violence and injustice, I truly believe that the value of empathy is extremely important for a successful society because a world without it would be chaotic and uncivilized. We probably wouldn’t survive. Empathy creates connections between people, bringing them together and helping to forge friendships and love. It makes us feel as if someone cares for us and without it we would most likely feel vulnerable and lonely. Empathy allows us to understand and feel for those around us.

If we focused on the value of empathy more, our communities would rather feel more connected rather than divided into many parts of our nation right now. If We believed in empathy, we would create less division in our surroundings and actually help those that are in need in certain situations. I have learned in my English class how having empathy can drive and motivate the people in its surrounding. By practicing the value of empathy in our country, we would have more compassion for the needy. We wouldn’t be solely focused on the idea of individualism.

We would respect the cultures of others and where they came from. Right now, one issue we are currently fighting is the idea of many Muslims being banned from our country and deporting immigrants. It is very frightening to learn how many racists people actually support this kind of thinking simply because they think that “white” people should stay in power. It is very alarming with the amount of people that supports our newly elected president who has been deemed as a racist and has no respect for the majority of the people.

I think that if we shifted our values and rather focus more on the idea of empathy, many of us would most likely help those and be more understanding with those that are in need rather than attacking them simply due to the color of the skin or their history. We cannot generalize the action of one group for the wrongdoings of another. It would be a better place for us to live in if we practiced the idea of empathy. A society in which equality is valued is an ideal society for me. Over the past two years of me being a part of WALC, one of the major themes that we have studied in class is the value of equality.

Time and time again, we have learned how so many people fought and struggled with attaining equality the way that they deserve. I think that our country would be a much better place if we treated everyone equally, and fairly, no matter their gender, ethnicity, beliefs, and culture. Our country have been battling equality for all since the time of our founding fathers. I have witnessed how colored people are treated with less rights than those who are not labeled as people of color. We struggle and fight on a daily basis to fight against those that wants to keep controlling and belittling us and the people in our community.

In class, we have learned how many groups of people fought and died for fighting for equality, something that they believed everyone should be given the opportunity. In class, we have been practicing the idea of equality, by having us respect our differences and beliefs. This kind of belief, allows many to understand and treat everyone equally. Overall, it would just be a better world for our community since we live in a very diverse community filled with different cultures and beliefs from all over the world.

It would allow each and everyone of us to have equal rights, and opportunities like the rest. A great example of the value of equality is the lesson of Malcolm X. He lived an unjust life, who, from the start had been born in an environment that is not as welcoming to children. He grew not as privileged as many of us today. Racism and unjust treatment to people of color still existed during the era that he was born in. He was deprived of education as a child which led to his wrongful path in the beginning of his childhood.

If only he had been given the same kind of opportunities like those who actually were privileged enough, I don’t think he would have had to experience everything that he had. Fortunately, through education, he was able to fight against those trying to keep him and his people oppressed. Towards the end of Malcolm’s journey of fighting for equality, many had join his forces and also fought along his side. This continued for many years. Lastly, I believe that the value of perseverance is so important in our community and the world.

I say this because perseverance simply means not giving up, no matter how difficult life can get. With perseverance, it will help motivate those who are on the verge of giving up and simply not wanting to actually live. With everything going on in our society at the moment, the hardships, the struggles we have to face on a daily basis, we need perseverance to help us get through the bad times. Perseverance is a much needed value in our society because it will help those dealing with difficult obstacles in life. A society living by the value of perseverance will help many minorities pursue their dreams and goals in life.

As seniors of high school, many of my school mates are struggling with the fact that soon we are all graduating and off to the next chapter of our lives. I truly think that if each and everyone of us had perseverance, then whatever happens in the future, we will end up okay. No matter what we choose to do in life, we will be alright. As long as we remember to keep our heads up and to get up on our feet even when we think we are at our lowest point in life. For example, I have learned from our Joshua Tree Trip that it’s sometimes okay to fall and be at our lowest point in life.

We analyzed a poem by Stephen Crane, coming up with the conclusion that the narrator sees a creature holding his own heart and eating it. The narrator is basically reflecting the poem with his life. Explaining that though life can be hard and bitter, everything that happens shape us to be the person that we are today. Though we may experience hardships and battles at times, we should embrace and accept it because it will mold us to be better people at the end. My ideal society would value empathy, equality, and perseverance because it will be a much more positive and connected society.

These values would encourage everyone to help each other up rather than tear each other down. It would be a community that accepts everyone for who they are and not be judgemental about it. Equality will open up a lot of opportunities for many of our people. Empathy will allow us to be more of a communalistic rather than an individualistic society. Perseverance will also allow people to get through many of the battles they are facing on a daily basis. This will be an ideal society for me because it allows others to have positive values in life.

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