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Perseverance In Chandas Secrets Essay

To have hope, in the face of fear, to allow your light to burn, and march on in hopes of finding a better place, requires perseverance. To persevere one must be brave enough to push away the demons and have the courage to face them as well, this journey is one Chanda has experienced well. The book Chanda’s Secrets, by Allan Stratton, takes place in the city of Bonang, located in Africa. Within the city lives the Kabelo family who have suffered many unfortunate diseases, such as the taboo of AIDS.

However, no matter their scenario, one family member, in particular, always finds a way to stride on, this survivor is Chanda. Even though their family is poor and plagued, Chanda is constantly determined to find the light, to hope, with perseverance and courage. Not only does she have hope, but she also has faith,” Consider him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart. ” (“Hebrews 12:3. ” The Holy Bible… ) This quote accurately represents Chanda, because even in her struggle she did not grow weary, she remained determined, like Jesus.

This shows how the protagonist of Chanda’s Secrets, Chanda, demonstrates determination, by exhibiting virtues of hope, by remaining positive, perseverance, by being determined to help her loved ones and courage, by being brave enough to do what is right regardless of the consequences. Venuti 2 Throughout this story, full of events of loss and sorrow, Chanda remains hopeful for the future, positive and determined, that the light will shine through and guide her and her loved ones out of the darkness, that threatens them.

It is clear that while she may have her doubts, Chanda will always have hope, which may be her best defence against the obstacles that block her path. This hope shines through Chanda as she thinks of her future. Since she is clearly a bright and capable girl, Mama and her teacher, Mr. Selame encourage and implore her to pursue an academic future, stating she can accomplish great things. Evidently Chanda’s spark of hope ignites, which is highlighted in this quote, “But what if they’re right?

What if I could get a scholarship see the world?… Dreams, dreams, dreams. ” (Stratton 13) This personal exchange ofChanda’s reveals many of her characteristics. While she may be poor of money, she is not poor of spirit, Chanda demonstrates both a sense of optimism and realism, in the quote, showing that her flame of hope may be small, but it still burns brightly. This is clear when it is aid in the quote, “What if I could get a scholarship see the world? “… Dreams, dreams, dreams.

No matter the rain that tries to dampen its spirits, the flame shall not be extinguished, Chanda’s flame never burns out. Even though Chanda’s life is full of unjoyful and depressing times, she manages to move on and gain hope. After her mother’s death, Chanda reflects upon everything she has dealt with and envisions how many others must endure these horrible events, such as AIDS. Regardless of her circumstances she carries her sense of hope and dreams throughout the story.

This evident when she ponders upon her dreams, this is shown when Chanda states, “I close my eyes, and I imagine a center… The Lilian Kabelo Friendship Project… It’s a crazy idea. But it’s not stupid… Dreams, dreams, dreams. ” (Stratton 193) This quote demonstrates many traits of Venuti 3 Chanda’s character, including her hopefulness and how she is full of, exactly what Mr. Selame suggested, life changing ideas. This can be seen when Chanda says, “I imagine a center… The Lilian Kabelo Friendship Project.

Despite all the times others trampled and mistreated her, she still wishes to help others, not only showing her generosity but also her hope for the future, which also provides a resolution and a final connection for the plot. In the quote Chanda repeats a phrase mentioned at the very beginning of the story, a phrase which sparked her candles flame, “Dreams, dreams, dreams. ” This phrase is the last line in the story, and not only does it leave the reader with a suspenseful, but hopeful ending, it also connects the two ideas, represented in the story.

By repeating that single phrase, Chanda exhibits her hope and how it remains throughout her journey, through positive thought, determination and most importantly perseverance, without which hope could not exist. Even though darkness constantly tries to snuff out her light, Chanda trudges on with her head held high, she Chanda is determined, whether it be shielding her loved ones, defeating an illness, or achieving academic success, Chanda perseveres, no matter the circumstances, she withstands all, even the great Mrs. Tafa.

In the story Mrs. Tafa is known as big, loud, bold and powerful, with control over neighbourhood and the phone, that is Chanda’s only form of communication with Mama, while she is in Tiro. However, once Chanda allows Ester to stay in their home, Mrs. Tafa becomes infuriated, stating she will not live next to a slut, and denies her access to the phone. Chanda, of course, cannot accept this and stands up to Mrs. Tafa, embodying perseverance in the following quote, “As long as that sluts under your roof, you’ll never use my phone… Oh yes I will’… I’ll speak to her one way or another” (Stratton 148) This argument Venuti 4 significantly demonstrates the loyalty and strong sense of perseverance in Chanda’s character. Even though Mrs. Tafa is much older and more powerful than her, Chanda’s determination strengthens her, and allows her to persevere, in talking to Mama. This can be seen when Chanda says, “I’ll speak to her one way or another. ” This demonstrates her assertive and determined behaviour and it is this behaviour that also advances the plot.

Due to the argument, that prevented Chanda from talking to Mama, Chanda decides that she will go find Mama herself. Her determination and perseverance is what leads her to Tiro, which, evidently, is a major turning event in the story. Not only does Chanda persevere through external obstacles, she also perseveres through internal obstacles and struggles as well, such as her schoolwork. Although she misses many lessons and important academic assessments, Chanda remains determined and perseveres to accomplish her tasks, both personal and scholar.

Even though the challenge of caring for a family and maintaining scholarship worthy grades would be too much for some, Chanda perseveres. This is obvious when she still returns to school to complete a test, even though she is clearly pre-occupied with other duties at home, which is visible, in the following quote, “At lunch, Mr. Selame sits behind his desk marking while I write the test. Orl try to. ” (Stratton 158) In this quote it is clear that it is a struggle for Chanda to juggle all her duties, but she perseveres.

This is exactly what Chanda embodies, continuing on a speculative path because it is the only way to persevere and accomplish the tasks ahead. However this path is not an easy one to embark on, one, like Chanda, must be courageous enough to push away the demons of others and the demons within one’s own mind. Venuti 5 Although this journey is one of many virtues, it could not even begin if one is too afraid to toss away the curtains that blind them and become vulnerable to darkness, they, like Chanda must be courageous enough, to persevere and hope.

After many heart wrenching events, Chanda gathers up the bravery and tosses away her curtains, she exposes her true character and secrets, exposing herself to the cruelness of others and her own. This in itself is it’s own turning point, however, it does lead to many major developments within the story. An example of this is when Chanda has enough and decides to find Mama in Tiro, herself, and hopefully return her home. Her courageous, determination fuelled behaviour shines through, in the following quote, “Mama needs me.

When I get home… I’m going to Tiro. ” (Stratton 165) This decision requires much bravery and determination, which reveals many things about Chanda’s character, specifically how she becomes practically fearless, when the ones she loves are in need, while she may have doubts, she sets them aside and strides through her tasks, with determination. However, not only does Chanda exhibit courage by fighting off the demons who want her to remain in Bonang, but she also fights off the darkness which implores her to keep her secrets, such as the, so-called, taboo of AIDS.

In a certain incident would be when Chanda is in Tiro, trying to return Mama home. Due to Mama’s ill stricken condition, Chanda stops at a small clinic, to purchase some medicine and call her family to inform them that she will be returning home, with Mama. Unfortunately Mrs. Tafa answers and immediately protests this action, stating all would know their secret, that they would be ruined. Finally Chanda breaks, she rips the curtains away and confesses herself to the world, as she shouts, “I’m tired of lies and lying and being afraid.

I’m not ashamed of AIDS! (Stratton 181) It is abundantly clear that Chanda no longer cares for her Venuti 6 reputation, all she cares for is her family, by tearing away her blinding drapes she has allowed the light in, destroying her demons, because she knew it was right and just, not fearing the consequences, an act of pure courage. An act that is not easy to accomplish, an act that can only be done through determination. Determination is a journey, one that requires hope, to search for light, perseverance, to continue, no matter the journey, and courage, to be brave enough to ignore the darkness in others and oneself.

Chanda Kabelo has completed this journey, with all of these virtues, she has shown true determination. She hopes for her dreams, of academic achievement, perseveres, by continuing to remain with those, who she knows may make her life difficult and shows courage, by standing up to darkness, despite the judgment. Chanda is truly a character who significantly embodies determination, throughout her story, for she knows no matter the journey, no matter the obstacles, or the darkness that blocks her path she will, continue her journey, she will burn on, she will find the light.

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