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Personal Narrative: My First Day Attending Willow Canyon High School Essay

Carrie rushes to class as she hears the minute bell ring. Its her first day attending Willow Canyon High School. Her first class is ceramics, she loves hands on projects so she believes that this class will be her favorite. On her schedule it says all 7 classes: Period 2- English, Period 3- Algebra 1-2, Period 4- Lunch, Period- 5 Money Management, Period 5- Biology, Period 7- Girls P. E. She is very excited for this year to start. My First class is ceramics. I have loved this class since day one because I love hands on projects. In ceramics we start our day off with working on our sketches aka bellwork.

Once the 10 minutes is up we work on our projects. So far we have made a bowl, a sphere that shows movement and currently we are working on a mug. We have learned a lot on the tools that we a using. For an example the slab roller has flattened all the clay that helps us cut even pieces. Another example is the Kiln. The Kiln fires the clay so you can paint it with the glaze. We have learned how to prepare our clay to go into the Kiln and how to prepare it to be glazed (painted). This last quarter in ceramics has been great and I can’t wait to see what the next 3 have to come.

My second class is English. Wow I’ve learned so many things in this class. Mr. Huston has taught me many things not just about reading writing and speaking but about life. I love the way he lets us express ourselves in our journals each and everyday. Everyday when I walk into the classroom and get my journal I begin to write the quote of the day down and then to my bellwork. The quote of the day is a Quote that ties into the lesson. Our bellwork is writing about our last 23 hours. So basically you write what you have done since you left Mr. Huston’s class the previous day.

After bellwork Mr. Huston reads a short story out of the book Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul. Once hes done we write in our journals what we learned about the short story. Then you can share it with the class. Normally you go up to the podium and read it the way you wrote it. Everyday when I look over I see the class motto and it reminds me that if I try my best and give all my effort to stride for perfection then I will grasp excellence in the process. Mr. Huston has made my first quarter amazing. My third hour is Algebra 1-2. This year math has not been my favorite.

In Algebra I have had many test and we have taken many notes. Notes on notes on notes. Once I walk in the class i work on the bellwork then set up my notes. Mr. Stutenroth makes his students carry a math book all day everyday. On a normal week we go over our tests and do test corrections on Mondays. Then Tuesdays through Thursdays we take notes and prepare for the test that we will take on Friday. Our tests are around 20 questions and you can roughly score a total of 75 points. Mr. Stutenroth has a different teaching style he is more laid back and refers everything and most questions to your notes.

I don’t really like this kind of teaching but it is what it is and I had to find a way to fit his style. My fifth hour I’d Money Management. In Money Management we have a lot of vocabulary. Once I get to class fill out my bell work sheet and look at the lesson plan for that day. In this class we either go to the computer lab or we work in the class room. I like going into the lab because I like working on the computers. Normally when we are taking tests we go take them online in the lab. I would rather take the online tests than taking the paper tests because its something different.

We have learned a lot besides the vocabulary. I have learned many equations and strategies that can help save money. We also take lessons that are online and sometimes take notes on the computers. I feel that I’m slower working over the computer but it’s good to learn. So far I like the way Mrs. green runs her class and I’m interested in the things we are learning. My sixth hour is biology with Ms. Martin. In bio we get a lot of work. Once you walk in the door we get the bellwork, objective and the agenda down. Everyday she comes around and stamps our bellwork if it is completed correctly.

All the work that we do goes into our notebooks. We tape everything I mean everything into them for a grade. Every few weeks we have a new lab. In the first quarter we had two labs. One was a mealworm lab and the other was microscopes. Every unit we take notes for the first two days then do work sheets and check for understanding to finish the unit. So far biology is one of my favorite classes. My seventh hour is girls p. e. I like having this class at the end of the day because its a good last hour to have.

We get 5 minutes to change into our p. . uniform before we have to be in the gym to go through our warm up. Our warm up is jogging two laps then stretching out before activity. Once we finish the warm up to start our sport. So far we have done Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton and Hockey. Our next sport is pickle ball. On Mondays we go to the lecture hall for our health class. Tuesday through Thursday we play the specific sport for that unit. Then on Fridays we call it Fitness Friday. Fitness Friday is when we will go outside and run, do extra pushups or sit ups.

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