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My Personal Support Group (Cheerleading)

I am often sorry that my parents did not take it upon themselves to enroll me in any recreational activities in my preadolescent years. I believe that sports are an integral part of growing up. They provide an opportunity to meet and interact with peers. Numerous occasions I can recall feeling excluded from the group because of my lack of involvement. Although I have to admit, I am not a tough girl. Most likely I would not excel in any contact sport. Cheerleading tryouts proved to be a revelation. I knew it was the activity for me. Although I was not confident in my coordination, I vowed that it would improve with practice.

I had regularly admired those spirited girls, being that my sister had once traveled that path. I faithfully attended all high school games, not to watch the players, but the cheerleaders. I was convinced that this was my calling. The week of tryouts was non-stop practice. I lived, ate, and breathed cheerleading. My mother began to worry that I would not have the energy by the end of the week to try out. When te big day finally arrived I was a tight ball of nerves. I could hardly contain myself. I was brimming with 100 watts of nervous energy. The kind that gives one piercing pains throughout their body at the least expected moments.

Waiting for the results my anxiety turned into burning tears. When my name was announced as a member of the squad I thought I would burst. My freshman year of cheering was exceptional. I became fast friends with my entire squad. For the most part, we got along great. I imagine that we had more fun than the players, or fans. Faster than expected our season came to an end. It was time for tryouts once again. Now that I knew the ropes, I was praying this tryout would be a breeze. I could not have been farther from the truth. I faithfully practiced every evening until the eagerly anticipated day.

The same nervous energy overwhelmed my body as I walked onto the floor that afternoon. It seemed that within a second, the tryout was completed. Once again, I was forced to calmly wait for the crucial results. Finally the outcome was announced. Varsity- Kristin Callaway, Jill Jackson, Katie Manley I had made the Varsity squad as a sophomore. The excitement was overwhelming; this was incredible. My first year on Varsity flew by as expected. The basketball team had a remarkable year, traveling all the way to state. My squad followed with as much spirit as humanly possible.

From the beginning I became close companions with the girls. They are continually there to listen to my complaints, ready to give a shoulder to cry on, or eager to lend a hand. My cheerleading squad is my own personal support group. Cheerleading had been a wonderful experience. I will live with some of the memories forever. Through it I have learned many important lessons. I have gained sportsmanship. My social skills have sharpened. It has taught that working as a team, much more can be accomplished. I now know that nothing is impossible. We must continually have positive attitudes, and be leaders of the school.

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