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How To Prevent Abortion Persuasive Essay

Abortion is a medical procedure that is used to deliberately kill an innocent unborn child. According to http:// www. abortionno. org/wp-content/uploads/ 2012/06/10_weeks-01. jpg. “approximately 42 million abortions occur every year and approximately 115,000 abortions occur each and every day. ” Since 1973, the United States has participated in over 57 million abortions. Upon fertilization, a human individual is created with a unique genetic identity that remains unchanged throughout his or her life. This individual has a fundamental right to life, which must be protected.

Abortion is the same as committing murder but worst. Aborting a baby is killing him/her. Unborn babies are innocent and deserve to live their life. Since murder is illegal abortion should be illegal as well. Abortion promotes a culture in which human life is disposable. It send a message to today’s youth that human life has little value, while being discarded and unnecessary. Lastly, at 12 weeks along the pregnancy, the unborn develop eyes, fingers, toes, and a nervous system. Even earlier at 8 weeks a fetus can flex it’s spine which indicates that it has enough of its nervous system that it can feel pain.

Unlike abortion, a miscarriage is pregnancy that ends on its own and is the most common type of pregnancy loss. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist (ACOG) created a study that showed that anywhere between 10-25% of all clinically recognized pregnancies will result in miscarriage and chemical pregnancy could be responsible for 50-75% of all miscarriages. Miscarriages are most likely to happen during the first 13 weeks of pregnancy. There are multiple reasons as to why miscarriages occur, reasons that sometimes can’t be identified.

Chromosomal abnormality is the most common cause of miscarriage. It happens when a fetus has the wrong number of chromosomes or has missing or more than the chromosomes that a fetus is supposed to have. Other causes of miscarriage consist of hormonal problems and infections. Drinking and smoking also causes miscarriages, as well as maternal age and maternal trauma. Americanpregnancy. org states, “For women in their childbearing years, the chances of having a miscarriage can range form 10-25%, and in most healthy women the average is about 15-20%.

Older women who are aged over 50 have a higher chance of having a miscarriage. Also, women who had a previous miscarriage, has a 255 of having another one. There are many signs and symptoms of a miscarriage. Back pains, weight loss, a white-pinkish mucus, painful contractions that are occurring every 5-20 minutes, and tissue clotting. Constant vaginal painful bleeding can also be a sign of miscarriage. It is recommended that if signs of miscarriages are being shown that the woman sees her health care provider immediately for help. There are different types and stages of miscarriages and information behind them.

Threatened miscarriage occurs when the uterine is bleeding and there is a cramping or pain of the lower back. Inevitable or incomplete miscarriage occurs when there is an abdominal back pain and bleeding of an open cervix. The miscarriage is inevitable if and when there is a dilation or effacement of the cervix. A complete miscarriage is when the embryo have been emptied out from the uterus. To determine if a complete miscarriage has happened an ultrasound must be performed. A missed miscarriage sometimes happens without it being known. Embryonic death occurred but there is not an expulsion of the embryo.

Lastly, recurrent miscarriage is three or more consecutive miscarriages that happened in the first trimester. Abortion is the ending of a pregnancy. It is ended by removing a fetus from the womb before it can survive on it’s own. There are two different methods for abortions. The first method is the use of medication and the second method is surgery. An abortion can only be performed in the first and second trimester. After the third trimester it is too late and you will have to go through the full pregnancy. In the first trimester the drugs “Mifepristone” and “Prostaglandin” works the same as surgery does.

Mifepristone is a pill taken to end a pregnancy within the first seven weeks of the pregnancy. It works by blocking progesterone. Progesterone is needed in order for pregnancy to continue. In the second trimester, medical procedures for abortion are not an option. . Surgery is more common and advised during the second trimester of pregnancy. The operation lasts about 2 days. Dilation and Curettage (D and C) and Dilation and Evacuation (D and E) are surgery based abortion methods to abort an unborn child after sixteen weeks. Induction abortion is rarely performed.

It is also a surgery based method where salt water, urea, or potassium chloride is inserted in the amniotic sac, which is the fluid filled sac that carries and protects a fetus in the womb. The third trimester is know as the late term. Late term abortions are not legal in number of states except in certain medical situations. They are not to be performed because the baby will be viable. Meaning that the baby is old enough to live outside the womb. Induced abortion and dilation and extraction are the two procedure that can be done in the third trimester.

Most women who want to get an abortion cannot because of the prices of the pill or the operation. Early in the first trimester the abortion will cost somewhere between $350 and $500. As she get further along with the pregnancy, the cost will increase. After 20 weeks, it is expected to pay $1,000 at the least but up to a couple thousand dollars. Most women have to travel to get the abortion. Which is even more money added on to the cost of the abortion. Pro-aborts says that taxpayers should fund abortions because most people can’t afford them. After getting an abortion, there are side effects that may appear.

Pain in the stomach and cramping are common side effects as well as spotting and bleeding. Other effects include vomiting and throwing up. These effects will occur two to four weeks after the abortion. Late term abortions consist of more severe effects. According to americanpregnancy. org, “serious complications occur in fewer than 1 out of 100 first trimester abortions and approximately 1 out of every 50 late term abortions. ” These effects consists of heavy and consistent bleeding, infections, damage to the cervix, perforation of the uterus, and possibly death.

Women who get an abortion may have developed anxiety, depression, and even suicide. According to, catholiceducation. org, “A study published in a recent edition of the Journal of Anxiety Disorders found that women who aborted their unintended pregnancies were 30 percent more likely to subsequently report all the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder than those women who had carried their unintended pregnancies to term”. This disorders could have developed because the pregnant woman might have felt guilty and sorry that she killed her child.

They become emotional and tend to have nervous breakdowns and even consider suicide. Just as most people feel guilty after they committed murder of an innocent person, females who abort their child feels the same way. They might even feel worse because it was their child, someone they created and they just took an innocent life. Since life begins at conception abortion is akin to murder as it is to defiance of the commonly accepted idea of the sanctity of human life. No civilized society permits one human to intentionally harm or take the life of another human being without punishment.

Abortion should not be any different, those who choose abortion are often minors or young women with insufficient life experience to understand fully what they are doing or the mistake they are about to make or made. Many young women have lifelong regret afterwards. No woman should ever want to go through intense psychotic pain and stress, abortion frequently causes these things. In the United States, about half of all pregnancies are unintended. About four of ten of those unintended pregnancies would get aborted. At Least 20% of all United States pregnancies end in abortion. Ever since 1980, there has been a steady decline in abortions.

Unintended abortions increased 55% among less fortunate women, while decreasing 24% among higher income women. Life begins at conception, so unborn babies are human beings with a right to live. Abortion should be illegal. Abortion is murder, even if that human being has yet to be born it is still considered a human being and it is still considered murder for the simple fact that one is taking a life away, an innocent life at that. Therefore, abortion should be against the law. Abortion is required to be performed by a licensed physician in a hospital after a certain point of the pregnancy usually during the first and second trimester.

Abortion is prohibited in 43 states. In those states, abortion is only accepted to protect a woman’s life or her health. 17 states use their funds to help pay for abortions for women in their state. 32 states prohibit these unless a woman has been raped or incest or she has medical issues where she cannot have the baby. Health care physicians are able to refuse to participate in abortion sin 45 states. Some religions believe that abortion is a sin which is why physicians have the ability to chose whether or not they want to participate in the procedure.

In 17 states, women must go through counseling sessions before they get an abortion. This is because they need to know about abortion and what it does. Many minors are having unprotected sex and getting pregnant. They are young and want to get an abortion, so 38 states require parents to be involved in a minor’s decision about having an abortion. Young girls tend to think that disposing an unborn human life is okay and is the easy way out. Every time a young woman has unprotected sex, chances are they end up getting pregnant. In most cases, their first resource is to go to a planned parenthood and get an abortion.

Most abortions are usually done with just the person that is pregnant and they are too afraid of telling their parents so they hurry and discard the baby without their parents’ knowing. Getting abortions are not only hurting the fetus but it also destroys the human body. It damages the body and it maybe can be a very big problem in the future when you are ready to have kids. You should not take away a human life, especially if you are not ready to have a child then you should not be having unprotected sex. There are countries with a rapid rate of babies being born poor and agriculture.

There is no birth control for these women or men that are poor and poverty stricken. No form of birth control or the access to contraceptives, where they have to go to some quack or witch doctor and try to perform the abortion themselves. Maybe even lose their children’s life and maybe even theirs in the process. Here in the United States where we have the best hospitals and top notch physicians we still never know what can happen during the procedure or after the procedure. We often take a risk with our lives as well as the unborn. The morning after pill is a pill taken up to three days after sex to prevent pregnancy.

Some brands are Plan B, One Step, After Pill, and others. These pills are found at local drugstores or pharmacies which range in price from $20-65$. Ella is a type of morning after pill that is the most effective but must be prescribed by a doctor. The morning after pill works by stopping the release of an egg from an ovary. The pill also prevents fertilization and prevents a fertilized egg from attaching itself to the uterus. Birth control is another way to prevent abortion. Birth control is a method used to prevent pregnancy. There are many types of birth control such as the pill, Depo, and patches.

None of these types of birth control are 100%, but it does help in preventing pregnancy and abortion. Birth control pills are prescribed by a doctor and is taken every day at a certain time. Birth control pills prevent ovulation which is needed in order to become pregnant. The pill also thickens the mucus around the cervix to make it difficult for the sperm to enter the uterus. Depo Provera is a shot given in the arm or butt every three months to prevent pregnancy. The shot shot shoots progestin into the body. Progestin keeps eggs from leaving the ovaries and also thickens mucus.

The birth control patch is a beige patch that sticks to the skin to prevent pregnancy. The patch is placed on the skin once a week for three weeks, then there is a week where the patch does not get placed on the skin. The patch works just like the pill and shot. All of these birth control types are 99. 9% effective in preventing pregnancy, Pro Abortion people argue that fetuses are incapable of feeling pain when most abortions are performed. At 20 weeks, the fetal brain has the full complement of brain cells present in adulthood. Ready and waiting to receive pain signals from the body, and their electrical activity can be recorded.

An unborn baby at 20 weeks is fully capable of feeling pain. According to a review, obstetricians and gynaecologists says that the cortex is necessary for pain perception. The cortex does not become functional until at least the 26th week of a fetus development after most abortions are performed. By making abortion illegal, the abortion rate will decrease as well as the amount of unborn innocent babies who did not get a chance to live. 70,000 women die from unsafe abortion and if abortion is illegal many lives will not be put in danger including the unborn. Birth control should be recommending to females who are not ready for a child.

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