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Abortion: Pregnancy and American Woman Experience

Abortion is the removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to terminate a pregnancy. In 2009 over 1. 3 million women had abortions. At least half of American woman experience an unexpected pregnancy by age 45, one third of them have an abortion. Twenty two percent of all pregnancies end in abortion. More woman get abortions every year. Sense being legalized, there has been many arguments on whether or not abortion is right. Abortion was once illegal. There are many arguments of abortion. Until 1973, abortion was considered an act of crime.

Still, many woman decided to do it illegally, also known as “Back Alley Abortions”. In the 1930’s illegal abortion was very common. Around were self-induced by the women. Many woman tried to do so by throwing themselves down staircases or brutally hurting themselves. Also, they drank toxins such as bleach or gunpowder and whiskey to kill the fetus. Thousands of women died from poisoning and injuring themselves. Although some lived, they had to deal with the pain of permanent In 1969, a twenty one year old pregnant woman, Norma L. McCorvey, injuries. ed to the court saying she was raped in order to get a legal abortion. The scheme failed because there was no police report about the rape. A year later she used an alias, Jane Roe, and represented women who wanted to make abortion legal. After years of battling abortion to be legalized, The Supreme Court Decision of Roe v. Wade made it possible for women to get abortions safe and legally. Making it legal, reduced the amount of deaths of woman that performed illegal abortions and back-alley abortions. The decision of the court did not make everyone happy. Those pposed to legal abortion immediately began working to prevent any federal or state funding and to undermine or limit the effect of the decision. ” Some people pointed fingers at the clinics that provided abortions. They would protest and harass people trying to enter the clinic. When that did not work they would go to vandalism. The protesters would break windows and block clinic entrances so women would not go in. As time past, the violence Just escalated. Several attacks and murders of abortion providers occurred. Even bombings were done on clinics. There are two rguments of abortion, pro-life and pro-choice.

People who think that abortion is wrong and should not be performed no matter what are pro-life. Those who are pro- choice feel that its their decision if they have an abortion. In 2009, a poll was taking on pro-choice or pro-life. 51% said that abortion destroys a human life and that it is manslaughter. 35% disagreed with that and said that it is not killing a human life. The other 14% either said that the didn’t agree with either or Just didn’t know. One huge argument of abortion is religion. There are many religions that have many ifferent views on abortion.

Hinduism is a religion that doesn’t believe in abortion. “Though it is acceptable when it is necessary to save the mother’s life. ” Buddhism on abortion. Most Buddhist also believe that abortion shouldn’t be allowed unless it is to save the mothers life. Another reason they would agree on abortion is if they know that the baby would have medical difficulties and will suffer. Japanese Buddhist have had to accept abortion because it is used as a form of birth control in Japan. The worlds most popular religion, Christianity, believes that abortion is a moral ffence. Since the sixteenth century, having an abortion was grounds for automatic excommunication within the Christian Church. ” However, in England, Just like Buddhism and Hinduism, Christians believe that abortion is okay if it is to save the life of the mother. Another reason abortion is frown upon is that it has many risks. One huge risk of abortion is breast cancer. Your chance of getting breast cancer doubles after you have an abortion. The chance rises even more having two or more. Also, having an abortion greatens the risk of getting Cervical, Ovarian, and Liver Cancer. Another medical issue is Uterine Perforation.

Two to three percent of woman with abortions have to deal with perforation in their uterus. This may result in complications with later pregnancies. Woman getting third trimester abortions have a very large possibility of having physical or mental issues. Other huge risks of abortion are complications in labor. Woman with one or more abortions are more likely to have a pre-term or post-term delivery. The risk of having a post-term is twice as much likely while it is three times as likely to have a pre-term delivery. Also, erminating a pregnancy greatens the risk of a Ectopic Pregnancies.

Ectopic Pregnancies are very life threatening. There are also many complications that could occur right after abortion. “Approximately 10% of women undergoing elective abortion will suffer immediate complications, of which one fifth are considered life threatening. ” Infections, excessive bleeding, embolism, cervical injuries, and endotoxic shock. Last, women with abortions are twice as likely to have miscarriage to those without abortions. Risks increase if the woman getting the abortion has had past abortions or is a teenager. 5% of abortions are for women that have already had one.

Women with previous abortions are 2. 81 as likely to have complications. Teenagers are Just as much at risk as a women with previous abortions. 30% of abortions are from teenagers. They are at high risk from suffering from long term reproductive damage. Rape and incest are two big reasons women get abortions. Approximately 10% of woman who get abortions receive them because of incest or rape. People who are pro-choice believe that it is okay to get an abortion for this reason because they feel that a woman should not have to give birth o a child of a rapist.

On the other hand, people who are pro choice believe that ” abortion punishes an unborn who committed no crime. ” My opinion on abortion is that it is wrong. I feel that terminating a pregnancy is the same as murder. A unborn baby is a child with all its innocence. You never know what that baby could have become or done in life. If you don’t want to take care of a child, there are plenty of families who can not have children and want children. If adoption is a option for women not wanting to take care of the child then I do not see why the would not.

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