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According to the Harold Sun. Women will have to wait 24 hours before an abortion. Based on this similar law and impacts in other states, the restrictions would cut more than 27,000 abortions and result In about 2,900 additional births per year according to the fiscal analysts.

I’m unaware of what the numbers are now but inconsequently. This will cost taxpayers 7 million a year, mostly because nearly half of the births would be funded by Medicaid, the health program for the poor. North Carolina had been one of 16 states that don’t require specialized counseling before an abortion. Half of all states require counseling, then a waiting period. This is big government inserting Itself into the most private decision a woman can make.

The new law makes three major changes: There Is now a 24 hour walling period after women seek an abortion as I’ve already stated, they must receive state mandated counseling and view an ultrasound of the fetus beforehand. Even after viewing the sound, women will have to wait an additional 4 hours before the procedure is performed. Despite the stricter and new rules, this still keeps abortion legal. I feel the legislature should be focused on what they said they would focus on: Creating Jobs and strengthening education.

Purdue states that they have no role Interfering In the relationship between a doctor and a patient. Legislative leaders who vowed to make government less intrusive and to protect individual freedom are advancing a bill that does the opposite of that. A group called opponents called it an unwarranted intrusion on a woman’s privacy. I believe this bill is about shutting down the ability of a woman to get an abortion. Surprisingly, a controversial provision requiring minors to get a written consent of a should receive a great share of information about abortions before making a legitimate decision to do so.

Opponents questioned its assumptions, its constitutionality and even its purpose. I question all of the above too. The rules may not be attempting to take away a woman’s ability to have an abortion but I believe if there weren’t so many people for this there would probably be no abortions in North Carolina. It could be a lot about giving women the information they need. It could be looked at that today they decide they (the Legislature) knows better than every woman in North Carolina about her body, her mind and her soul.

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