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Abortion and Unborn Child

The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document. Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document. ] I Abortion For many years when you heard the word abortion people would have plenty to say. Everyone has an pylons when It comes to abortions and how they affect women and men. Mitt Rooney who is one of our former presidential candidates has very interesting views about abortion.

Many people will agree with how Mitt Rooney wanted to handle abortion if he won office. Rooney was brought up In a Mormon house hold and in this religion abortion Is a forbidden word. Abortion should be illegal and should be frown upon like murder in America. Abortion is a medical procedure that requires a licensed professional to perform under doctor and nursing care. This procedure Is abuse to the mother and the unborn child It consisted of salt poisoning, a partial birth. Dilation and evacuation of embryo. According to (Ironmongery) he made several comments in his campaign about how he is a big porters of the reversal of Roe vs. Wade.

The Roe vs. Wade was a controversial case this was history in the making. Before 1973 abortions were Illegal. Abortions are looked at as killing a life that did not have a choice. Rooney Is an advocate and big supporter of the unborn child protection act. He opposes abortion except in rape, incest, and if the mother’s life is in danger. Some people have used the word genocide to describe abortion in the early sass’s which means killing off a species of any decent. Abortions should be out laded In the U. S. And should have strict punishment for anyone who chooses to break this law.

Women are seeking for affordable ways to receive an abortion procedure and run into all kinds of problems which may cause you can bleed to death. According to Stomacher Institute about 41 million legal abortions take place worldwide each year and about 48% of those abortions are Illegal. In 1988 the abortion pill was Introduced to France. Both types of abortions surgical or medical can have physical side effects such as nausea, stomach cramps, bleeding, and some mental or emotional problems. Health problems can occur even with a license doctor there are still many things that can go rang.

There are reports of women who had a legal abortion procedure and died. Some women have had the procedure and never been able to get pregnant or carry a baby to full term due to problems caused from having an abortion. This is a big I OFF surgery performed. Abortions affect everybody not Just the women who carry the child. Men play a role in the conception but are not asked what their opinion is on what will happen. Men should have a choice too, they have feelings but we often don’t take them into consideration. The women may want to have an abortion due to money problems or not stable enough to handle a child at the moment.

The men should be allowed to have some right to where if they are stable enough they will have a choice to raise the child. We have single mother’s and father’s in our country in all different races and religion. I have seen men turn their life around due to having children some men will say having a child saved their life. Some people believe that a unborn child has the right to live weather the life they choose will be a good life or not. People will say that the fetus right to live comes before the mother’s right to choose.

One view that made really good sense was if the government keep giving the women an option or a way out then extinction and poverty will be sure to come. If we make abortions illegal then America will think before they act. Women and men won’t be so quick to have unprotected sex which can result in a child being conceived. Women will resort to other ways to protect themselves like using condoms or birth control options to ensure they don’t have a pregnancy. The use of birth control lowers the likelihood of abortions by 85%. We can educate people better about the other options they may choose instead of abortion.

Adoption is a good idea with adoption your child can be born an given a fair chance at life to a family that may not be able to have children. Abortions should be illegal due to the lack of facts about is the fetus really a life or a mother’s choice. Congress need to come together and make a law about the abortions in our country. Being a activist can be a good way to spread the message about pro-life choices. An activist sometimes carry a bad rep because in the past some activist routinely threatened clinic workers and some even stalked the families or damaged their property and pets.

Many pro-lifers will SE the bible as a tool to get the message across about abortions being wrong. The bible do state that to do away with a life in anyway is a sin. (” We need to protect our future generations and legal abortion is the unlimited right to the private use of lethal force against innocent human beings. “) Bayle,M 1997. The late-term abortions are Just too horrible to imagine this consist of the fetus being in second or third trimester or and having a live birth then killing off fetus when it is extracted from the mother. This is murder to many people when you are stopping a life from becoming a unman being.

A website that will give you a good view on what abortions really are is called Emerging Files. This website aims to make us visualize the criminal nature of abortion it makes the pro-life activist point out how the fetus is the victims. By allowing abortions to be legal make us question other laws like self defense law or the right to bear arms. Some laws are put in place to help protect or regulate a law that is already put in place. Abortion is another word for murder we can’t expect the world to be a better place if we allow such decisions to be made by a woman who ant to terminate a fetus Just because of her own selfish reasons.

Men should have the same rights to a fetus they played a part in creating. A woman should have the right to choose to be safe and protect herself from harm but we cannot give her the right to abort a unborn child that did not ask to be here children, fetus.

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