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History of America

When looking at the historical differences between two continents, key historical concepts such as culture, frontiers, and independence highlight the differences. Europe had a far longer history than America. Time plays a crucial role in a country’s history. America’s time may be short, but its unique aspects played a role in its development. While America was still at the stage of growing, Europe was more powerfully developed and civilized than America.

However, Europe had qualities it caked such as culture, frontiers, and independence that America had. “America has the key to the historical enigma which Europe has sought for centuries in vain, and the land which has no history reveals luminously the course of universal history. ” From a European perspective, America had vast amount of treasures, resources, and land to grow more powerful. From there, Europe could start a new Empire and have control over the vast resources that plotted America.

Not only that, but Europe would e more in contact with the wilderness, and Indian cultures that existed on the borderlands. To an extent, this quote is true. Looking at history, America had grown to become a world power by the end of WI, while Europe lay in shambles. Due to America’s geographical location, vast resources, and history America could support its self and give aid to other countries while Europe is constantly reliant on another nation’s aid. Europe wanted the vast land that made up America.

They wanted to live experiencing a vast frontier, cultures, and riches. If Europe had America, they would control the history of the land. Europe worried about America, it’s growth, culture and authority over its frontier. About Europe tried to desperately put a hold on America by slowing their growth, and have a major influence on their affairs. Europe wanted to influence America, hold its hand like a parent to stop it from growing so much, and gaining more power. America was different.

On the other side of the world, they had a frontier where the wild and savages roamed the land made America unique. America was tough, influenced by different cultures, and independent from other nations. Europe, wanted all these unique qualities. Europe, in a sense knew America would one day grow powerful enough, where it could boss them around. In a sense Europe does new America for it’s differences but, they are still proud of their culture and roots. History of America By Bombardier

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