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Fight Club Setting Essay

From the dawn of time, people have always had a deep and violent nature hidden within their roots. Although this kind of trait is suppressed and often strongly frowned upon, under the correct conditions, it is revealed to have a powerful effect, showing positive results. Conversely, throughout its true, vigorous and highly controversial content, the series Fight Club is a factual establishment. Which has such an effect, to bring out the fierce personality from almost anyone.

The strings of the Film and book are based upon the story of a “ticking-time bomb insomniac.. slippery soap salesman. channeling primal male ggression into a shocking new form of therapy” (Chuck Palahniuk). Through the means of the characters and elements of plot, Chuck Palahniuk’s award winning creation Fight Club demonstrates the concepts of violence, exhibiting the instructive choices as a means to deal with inner conflicts. Alongside with violence in an organized manner helps with society’s issues/ negativity and it is a coping mechanism. While one can assume that the series has nothing more to it than some fighting.

In reality, both the book and the film, strikingly have more to it. Without the proper use of compelling characters, an audience an quickly lose one’s interest, making it hard for such to have an impact on one’s life. Chuck Palahniuk believed that each character would have been essential to the complete plot of violence. The moment the book begins, we are familiarized with the inside of the main character’s head, Edward Norton. Seeing his every move, outrageous imagination and complete outlook on the world in a manner that is unthinkable.

For a majority of the time, Edward is viewed with a puzzling insomnia that he can never evade. Which portrays the initial settlement of the true violence and reconstruction of one’s factual meaning. However, with this, a number of unfortunate events take place, leaving Edward to become nearly homeless. Running out of time, he makes friends with a man named Tyler and over the next few months teaches him modules about the true power of freedom and empowerment. The two then begin to fight as a means to cope and release the negative energy from within a controlled environment.

Taking violence, and relating it to the true utter meaning of dealing with self conflicts. The purpose of so, was liberation from one’s inner ego, not victory. According to Tyler, “Fight Club is about freeing yourself from the shackles of odern life, which imprisons and emasculates men. ” (Ebert, Roger) As a means to dealing with inner conflict, both the book and film represent that the situation as a crucial moment, that is common to every single man’s life as we know it. Especially in modern times, to the progression of the human race is in fear, in fear of failure, rejection, pain and suffering.

Not long after this initial installment, the word starts to get around about this wonderful, yet out of this world excusive club. Before Tyler and Edward knew it, there creation of their organized violence in a anner to help deal with society’s issues had become world renown. These clubs were of the fullest meaning and importance to each individual that took part in them. Men saw the potential it, they saw it as a change in generations of men pumping gas, waiting tables and being personal slaves. Fighting gives the members a method of releasing this anger that is more potent than any other means.

Creating the most effective means for Tyler, Edward and anyone who took part in this revolutionary discovery. Secondly, the setting enhanced the atmosphere of the film, acting as a supportive place for the haracters who have come to deal with their means. Chuck Palahniuk’s methods of distribution between the fair placement of settings, integrated with both the book and film of Fight Club performs a proper ambiance. Creating a vivid, concrete visual imagery to present both static and dynamic settings, through the use of describing people as a part of his technique.

The setting displayed, in which the fights took place, were dark, damp and cold as depicted in both the film and novel. The use of lighting and vibrant flickering beams of light within the club. Usually taking place in the basement of Tyler’s house, it would irst be a place of “off the radar activity’s” as the rules were very definitive within its fight community. The first rule being, “You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB” and the second rule stating that “YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB” (Edward Norton).

The setting was the perfect place for dealing with inner conflicts, as whatever happened in the club stayed there. There would never been any acts of revenge and most certainly would not be any accounts of true brutalization as the club would not allow for such a thing to happen. Since the fighting took place in this organized manner, it could be closely monitored without anners getting out of hand and would be greatly supported within the club. Lastly, the setting of outside the club, the character’s real lives, the situations are of natural landscape.

Both the Narrator and Tyler Durden live in the the same home. Living right on top of the actual club which lies within their basement. The basement is the physical barrier between life and games for both the men. In the book, the main differences between settings are the explosions of the building near the end. In the movie Tyler only wanted to watch it happen. Project Mayhem succeeds in blowing up all the building as the narrator nd Marla watch them fall to the ground. In the book, Tyler’s plan is to be inside the building as it blows to the ground.

Creating a physical and mental barrier for the injustice and involuntary violence that lies within every man. Finally, the relationships found within Fight Club demonstrates Chuck Palahniuk’s most significant feat, the countless aspiring relationships demonstrated amongst each individual. Relationships encapsulated in the book and film are all brought together by violence at one point or another. As Mr. Palahniuk once said, “I let go. Lost in oblivion. Dark and silent and complete. I found freedom. Losing all hope was freedom.

This quote from the author of the book, genuinely brings life into perspective and really pin points all the corrupt habits that men and woman alike, have become so accustomed too. Through both the book and the film, we get to see the distinctive protagonists strive to meet their everyday goal of trying to deal with real life problems in a controlled, yet violent manner. For example, the relationship viewed between both Tyler and the narrator is often viewed as a calm and caring, yet in the ring the two are totally different men and exhibit what seems to be alter go’s.

Violence, being the one thing that brings these people together, to form a club like no other. A club in which there are no winners, nor are there losers. A club in which the crucial features are a priority to not only a single person, yet everyone who takes part in the underground system: the change from one’s state to another, once standards are met. Violence brings all the characters in the series together, whether it be through one’s imagination, or downstairs in the makeshift ring. While many might belive that peace must be given a chance, violence also need a venture.

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