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Choke By Chuck Palahniuk: Social Changes In American Culture Essay

In American culture, there are many social issues and aspects in which influences a person; in the long run hopefully it inspires change in society. In the fictional novel, Choke, written by Chuck Palahniuk. American culture is explored throughout the whole novel, and it reveals social issues in hope that it will lead to a change. This fictional novel is social commentary through the aspects of a love story, addicts, hidden secretes, and religion. Love is a feeling when one feels the deep affection and sexual attachment for their partner. So partners have sexual intercourse to show how much they love each other.

Palahniuk thinks differently, he deeply believes that love and sex are mutually exclusive. Palahniuk connects these two as opposites and how he sees society now in days. Palahniuk interprets sex as of two people having intercourse, without emotion or attraction, simply lust. In society people can find sex with no love. For instance, after Victor escaped from Nico, he enters the sex addict room. Victor introduces himself, then the instructor continues saying, “As I was saying, the best place to find insight is to remember where you lost your virginity… ” (Palahniuk 244).

It clearly indicates that people are having anonymous sex with other random people. Palahniuk touches upon this subject; because there is an issue with people continuously letting themselves go by having sexual activities with their unknown partner. Since the novel is a social commentary, there is a problem with society having sex with strangers. This can lead to an addiction, which will be approached later in the essay. Palahniuk addresses this problem, so it can be inspired to change in the society. Love and sex are not the same, sex should only be with your beloved partner which is called love.

With that sex with random anonymous people should be changed. Throughout the final chapters of the novel, the characters are finding their inner selves with the love and connection with others. Love is a theme that is explored, and apparently this novel is a love story. Palahniuk gives little hints about that love is not a fairy tale. In other words, love is blind, and one does not know who to expect until it hits them. For example, when Victor went to go visit her mother at St. Anthony, the elderly mother, Ida Mancini, Paige Marshall, and Victor are in the room.

Ida asks a question “Do you love him? ” (224) and both Paige and Victor respond by saying “I do” (224). Palahniuk’s point is that love can be found anywhere for anyone, even to those with an upside down lifestyle. This relates to the American culture that love is never planned. Victor a sex addict with nothing going well in his life, and that deceives others by choking on food and receives money for care. He meets with a beautiful doctor named, Paige Marshall, she is a kind and caring person. Having a doctor and a sex addict that love each other is something that is unheard of.

Now in days, it is unlikely for couples to form in this way. Factors prevent couples from working such as family, income, different beliefs, etc. It clearly indicates that love is not is not a fairy tale, and to an extant love is blind. Love is not perfect in the American culture, Palahniuk explores this idea that one will not find the perfect guy, love is blind. Is being an addict good or bad? Palahniuk explores addiction throughout the novel. Addiction can lead to different feelings. Some addicts may not be positive in one’s life. Palahniuk uses the word addiction, as a negative connotation.

Instead of being positive towards oneself or to society, it has identified people as the negatives in society. Victor is a sex addict and also has an addiction of deceiving others. Is being a sex addict a good thing, it might seem great not having any sort of intimate feeling towards the other partner. “When you’re an addict, you can go without feeling anything except drunk or stoned or hungry. Still, when you compare this to other feelings, to sadness, anger, fear, worry, despair and depression, well, an addiction no longer looks so bad.

It looks like a viable option” (idk). Basically Palahniuk is emphasizing the idea that when one is an addict there are no positive feelings about it, and the only thing you feel are the biological needs one needs for survival. Palahniuk is coming to the idea that in the American ture being an addict of some sort is a negative way to give to the society. Since, addicts give no emotions to others this affects the society. Victor has an addiction by deceiving others. Could this also be an addiction? Well in terms of this novel, it seems like it is actually an addiction.

The reason why this is believed to be an addiction is because he would choke himself and trick others by saving his life, so he can receive the financial benefits. “All it will take is one person to brag about being a hero. Being a savior, and how he’d saved Victor’s life in a restaurant” (Palahniuk 289). This relates to how the society is has those kind of people that deceives others for benefits. This has always been a problem in the United States, due to the fact that people have no emotions or feeling towards others. So in terms of society one can call Victor an addict.

An addict that doesn’t have feelings about others. This kind of addict is what separates between the good and the bad addictions. Now in society, people would file lawsuits just for being ignorant and wanting money, in some cases. In the novel, Victor chokes because he needs the financial wanting, due to the fact that he is an ignorant low life. That is what Palahniuk reveals about our society, how people would deceive others for the stuff they want, and justice is needed. There needs to be a change in society. The secrets that are hidden or open are another aspect that is mentioned in the novel.

On the same note, it ties in with the real world and how the American culture takes this to account. It should not be ignored, because there are ordinary people that have such hidden secrets that one would not reveal. Palahniuk delves into this idea in his novel. There are certain events that people keep to themselves, and others will not know about it until it is revealed. For instance, when Victor visited his mother and he brought with him lots of pudding and a spoon. While feeding her pudding the mother says, “I stole you out of a stroller in Waterloo, lowa.

I wanted to save you from the kind of life you’d get” (Palahniuk 269). Throughout the life of Victor, he always believed that his mother was his actual mother, but she revealed the fact that she is not. This issue continues to happen throughout the United States, it is not the idea of kidnapping, because that is another story. It’s the fact that parents, in some cases, will not tell their kids about hidden secretes about their lives. A person wouldn’t know if there is a hidden secret one keeps to themselves, until it is mentioned.

Humans are not capable enough to just look at someone and believe there is a hidden secret one will not reveal. It is normal in American culture to wait until the kid is old enough to understand. In this case of the novel, Victor was a grown man and the mother didn’t say anything, until before her death. People everywhere probably don’t want to be identified as sex addicts, but society distinguishes it not themselves. Sex addicts in the novel are ordinary people with normal lives, but have a down falling past that categorizes them as sex addicts. So how would you know if someone is a sex addict or not?

In the novel, the sex addicts are regular people that attend a sex addict group in order to receive help. Palahniuk explains how these people are just like everyone else, but have a rough past. These people I kept hidden from society, so others will not judge them. To some people now in days, it’s a problem to them to talk about themselves being a sex addict. It can change their lives if the wrong people know who one really is. In the real world, if one is being interviewed and on your resume it says that you are a sex addict, the chance for one getting a job is slim.

So these kind of problems are cannot be solved, It is just up to one to focus on the right path. Victor is seen to be like Jesus Christ, and with that he can rebuild the society again. Religion has been mentioned throughout the novel, and Palahniuk explores this major theme. Is Victor essentially Jesus Christ? That is what readers had questioned while reading. As everyone knows Jesus Christ is the savior or the messiah. So is Victor Jesus Christ? And can he rebuild the society again? All of this leads to the conclusion that Victor is not Jesus Christ.

Palahniuk tries to trick the readers in thinking Victor is Jesus Christ. For example, Victor is talking to his mother while feeding her pudding, and he says, “I know that I’m Jesus Christ” (Palahniuk 268). In reality, there is no evidence supporting the fact that Jesus Christ will return back and rebuild society. In the real world, having the mental consciousness that Jesus Christ is watching upon everyone does definitely impact society. Believing and praising a deity of a religion, is what helps society to believe in humanity.

In other words, people will believe in the afterlife for generations and generations and those who follow will be greatly benefited. The point is that, with people believing in the almighty savior, Jesus Christ, it essentially gives people hope. Palahniuk wants more people to act like Jesus Christ, which will create a change in the erican culture is explored throughout the whole novel, and it reveals social issues in hope that it will lead to a change. This fictional novel is social commentary. Love is not the same as sex, now in days it is an issue in American culture just letting hemselves go for sex.

Addicts cause a harm to society, leading to the idea that an addiction is never good it definitely impacts the life of one, and the society. Holding secrets and staying hidden from the society, is a problem now in days because strangers could never be trusted. Religion has continued for years, society needs to still believe in a supreme deity, because it can lead to a better world, than what it is now. American culture continues to progress to the future throughout generations with new social issues that appear, it is up to society to inspire a change that can spread around the country.

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