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European History Mid Term Study Guide

Belief in motional experience, unrestrained Imagination and spontaneity in act a ND personal life, romantic lived life In the moment believed In full development In ones human potential 1 Lillian Wordsmith- Published Lyrical ballads! Walter Scott- Translated ; Got von Everything! Eugene Delicacies- Liberty leading the people! Ludwig Von Beethoven- Considers master of romantic music! 12. It Increased the number of eligible voters, and new Industrial areas gained representation! 13. Balance of power= no one country could dominate Europe! 14. Equality under the law! Wanted representative government!

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Individual freedoms! 15. Dual revolution= revolution politically and economically! 16. Wanted to have independence from ottoman Turks it was a success due to help from, Britain, France, and Russia! 17. Cause= wanted a constitutional monarchy! Results= Phillip accepted constitutional charter adopted flag of French revolution, and was know as “citizen king”! 18. The Potato famine was when the most used drop potato got diseased and let to failure, British tried to help but did nothing to reduce taxes. In the end the effects were moony Irish p! People died of fled the country! Chapter 220 19.

The state had to stimulate the economy, he represented the rich and poor, and parliaments and political parties only represented the middle class! 0 20. He declared the Second French Empire! ; 21 . He changed Economically by making railroads and banks, sponsored public works, and gave people the right to unloosen. He also changed the Politically by allowing limited oppositions, gave the Assembly more power and allowed more freedom to the 1 OFF 49. “White Collar Worker”- people that have a desk Job, “Blue Collar Worker”-people that work out in the field! 0 51 . They stopped going to church! 0 53.

Upper-Middle Class- Successful business families, Middle-Middle Class- Merchants, lawyers, doctors, engineers, chemists, accountants, managers, Lower- Middle Class- shopkeepers, small businessmen, white collar workers, 54. In the working class people married for love not for economic gain, but in middle class they still had economic consideration! 0 55. People had higher moral values! 0 56. Working class women worked outside the home, and middle class women campaigned for equal rights! 0 59. Working-class youth were able to get away from their family more since their parents were always working, but not the middle-class!

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