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Essay On Presidential Elections

It is election season here in America, and it is the big one. Normally the presidential elections are considered to be the more important elections, but this one is even more significant than usual. This time, it seems to be a case of do or die, in determining the survival of the United States. As I have stated elsewhere: The upcoming election is not a battle between the Democrats and the Republicans, nor is it a conflict between the Liberals and the Conservatives. The conflict is not even a struggle between what is now being called ‘progressivism’ and sanity. The real fight is between the Communists and the Christians.

It is between men of conscience and those who embrace the darkest and most murderous order that the world has ever known. Our opponents want to gleefully watch America burn, as a symbol of defeating Christianity and the freedoms that its people gave to the world. Never in American history has an election been so clearly a matter of good versus evil. In lieu of all of this, I wish to share a few significant memories from my past that have blessed me with a wisdom that I have carried since. Long ago, when the U. S. President was Ronald Reagan, I attended Oak Ridge Military Academy.

Things have changed much since then, as America has increasingly lost her way. At that time, and in that place, admitting to being either a socialist or a communist was akin to admitting to being a child molester. I think quite possibly that a child molester might have actually gotten better treatment at the military academy. The cadets at the school, like almost everyone else in American society, knew that the communists (especially those of the Soviet Union) were the biggest threat to our safety and prosperity. We literally wondered when the bombs would begin falling, and the Soviets pledged that our reckoning would come.

Many of you may not remember that the Soviet mantra was, “We will bury you”, which had been originally uttered by Nikita Khrushchev in reference to the Soviet’s long-term plan of obliterating the United States. Make no mistake about it: The communistic agenda was to someday slaughter every man, woman, and child, in every Christian and capitalistic nation; beginning with the United States. They had already killed their own Christians and disagreeable intellectuals within their own country and others. Their nuclear arsenal was planned to burn us alive, and to make certain that not even our cockroaches survived the armageddon.

Like a law-bringing cowboy from a Western movie, President Reagan had a standoff with the Soviets throughout his two terms as President. He exhausted them to the point where they bankrupted themselves, and he won this game of chicken with raw guts. Reagan never blinked. The result is that the Soviet empire, which was so evil that it made the NAZIs seem like a choir group in comparison, died as it thoroughly deserved to, and the poor Russians finally got a taste of freedom. Reagan very well may have saved the world, at least the world as we know it, as a world that is actually worth living in.

I well remember Myra Blackburn from the academy. She was a spunky redhead, and my English teacher. Like a teacher from times long past, Mrs Blackburn was quite an elite teacher. Most of the teachers were, except Myra was probably the most passionate one of them. She was so kind to us, but if someone crossed her… Actually, none of us were stupid enough to cross her more than once. Her eyes lit up with a red glare to match her hair whenever she became sufficiently irritated. Sometimes her fiery glare was all that was needed to produce a quiet and perfectly behaved classroom.

I mean quiet even by a military school’s standards. Having a passion for what she taught was not Mrs. Blackburn’s only virtue. She also carried an astounding amount of wisdom with her, and I believe that her comprehensive experience with English fostered this quality, for the study of literature is inherently a study of the human mind and the human experience. Mrs. Blackburn shared some of her memories about living through the tumultuous time of the nineteen-sixties during one of her classes, in an attempt to convey an important n that we would hopefully never forget. She began by informing us of the communes.

These were encampments for groups of people (usually hippies) who had decided to depart from normal society. They intended to isolate themselves from the business and politics of the American civilization. In their private and primitive encampments, they would become free from the multitude of laws, interference by American institutions, the financial systems, the political systems, religious groups, and the government. They would simply love one another and help one another, as if to reconstruct Eden without God. Indeed, they did take the love one another thing seriously, and arguably too seriously. This was the era of “free love”.

Every commune began as a happy place, but for a surprisingly short period of time. Unfortunately, Eden always has a snake waiting to ambush. Issues surfaced over time. One problem was money, which they had so forsaken. They could not possibly grow enough food for themselves, or do it fast enough to be self sufficient, so they had to shop for food. Soon the shopping became a serious problem, since none of them had jobs or bank accounts anymore. Of course, getting arrested for shoplifting would force them back into the society that they had fled from, with far fewer options for defending themselves than before.

Even when the communes could somehow feed themselves, much of the food was stolen by individuals in the commune who were greedy. Nothing could be done about it because there was no law enforcement. After all, the whole point of the commune was to get away from every legitimate authority and escape “the man”. These were remarkably not the big problems, however. The biggest problem was the whole “free love” foundation of their society itself. Over time, many of the women found themselves pregnant, and they often did not know who the fathers were.

Amongst the husbands and the fathers of these children violence erupted repeatedly. People were killed. Over time, the society of every commune turned on itself. Every commune imploded, and some of the people were lucky to get out alive. Mrs. Blackburn’s account contained some painful lessons about the dark side of the socialist’s utopian dream, and about what happens when incompetent members of our society are allowed to govern. It is often said that the greatest trick that the Devil ever performed was fooling the world into believing that he does not exist.

The same could be said for the human devils of this world. Socialists have become welcome among us, and the younger generations have such minuscule knowledge of who socialists really are, and such pathetically little knowledge of our history, that they cannot hope to understand the dangers. This sad state of things largely stems from an official agenda throughout the public schools and colleges of America, from the various teachers’ unions, to actively embrace and teach socialism in a grand experiment, whilst carefully avoiding the true history of communism.

History, in general, is oversimplified by the teachers to prevent a comprehensive understanding, and there is a particular emphasis on avoiding the consequences of communism wherever it has existed. As a result, many of our youngsters have never even heard the phrase, “Cold War”, and this is not accidental. Those of us who are lucky enough to have been given a real education should not be surprised, for the communists have had a historical tendency to attack education first, as the institution that is most likely to foster an independent people who would demand human rights. The methods of the socialists have always been the same.

The socialists have always lied and conquered in their path to power, at unparalleled levels, for their humanistic “ethics” preclude a foundational moral code from our Creator, despite their attempts to appear moral through philanthropy, wherein other people’s stolen money is spent on the charities. They shamelessly call this “wealth redistribution”, but the important part is that it is a process of distributing other people’s wealth, was taken by force from those who actually earned it, and then giving it to the people in society who are the least deserving and the easiest for the socialists to manipulate.

It literally is a way to buy (bribe themselves) into more power, while simultaneously sabotaging a nation’s existing infrastructure, so that the socialists cannot be opposed by legitimate institutions and leaders anymore. As socialists gain more power, they become increasingly ruthless, and the nation becomes more communistic. Meanwhile, they never stop preaching the utopian dream of socialism, wherein every member of a society will be helping every other member, without any regard for just compensation.

This classless and utopian vision requires absolute obedience to the state in order to implement it, because everyone has to follow the program exactly for it to work. After all, it only takes one “decadent” capitalist to block the proper redistribution of wealth, or a troublesome Christian telling others to stand for what is moral against the will of the state, to bring the whole monstrosity crashing down. Therefore, troublemakers are swiftly dealt with for the “common good” of the society, so communism inevitably requires the creation of a police state that is utterly totalitarian.

Yet, they continue promising that life will somehow become like Eden, only with much more brotherly love, because everyone will naturally want to self sacrifice for the good of maintaining the communistic order, and the lifestyles of the party’s elite who ironically claim to have ridden the country of all wealth disparity. Indeed, the wealth always finds itself in the care of the party’s top leaders, who actually maintain some of their own freedoms, whilst other members of society are forced to help one another against their will, in ways that harm them and society as a whole, in whatever manner the elitists prescribe.

Once all of this is achieved (as if it could actually be considered an accomplishment of merit), the police state becomes entirely self perpetuating. The only escape for the enslaved citizens of a communistic nation is a catastrophe that is serious enough to cause the state’s systems to implode. It has happened before, and it will happen again. This is my warning to fellow Americans, and perhaps the most important thing that I have ever written. Educate yourselves about communism and socialism while there is still time to save ourselves.

Read explicitly inside their own policy documents about how they implement communism by attacking education, business, the church, and by stirring class warfare in order to destroy a country from the inside, and how they manipulate using the false charities of socialism to begin the process. The greatest lie that the Soviets ever told was that they no longer exist. The Cold War is just beginning. Each of our states is a front line. We must fight to save America’s soul.

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