Presidential Debates

Yelling, blaming, accusing, pointing fingers, not making eye contact, talking over one another. Is this the latest Real Housewives reunion, or a debate between the front runners to become our next president? It’s election season, meaning this year’s presidential candidates are some of the most talked about figures in the country. Americans are inundated with … Read more

The Electoral College

The next President of the United States, the successor to William Jefferson Clinton and man who will lead America as the first President of the new millennium is George W. Bush, the Republican governor of Texas, the son of a former President. Or its Democratic Vice President Al Gore, President Clintons right hand man for … Read more

The 2000 presidential election

Environmental issues, and policies have recently come to the for-front of American politics in the past four decades. This recent rise in the environment is due in part to the rapid boom in population in the past 40 years. The two major party candidates for the 2000 presidential election have keyed in on certain environmental … Read more