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Essay on How Does Bullying Cause Suicide

Can bullying lead to suicide? This has been one of the major questions that has been asked while talking about this subject, but what part about bullying makes a person to take their own life? There is different type of stages that a victim of bullying goes through before they decide to turn the lights off and the final phase is suicide. The final step is often suicide, but what causes suicide to happen? The answer is depression. Because of the depression and anger that come along with bullying, it can lead a person to kill themselves.

Many people believe that bullying is natural and that it always appens to everyone as they are growing up, but that is incorrect. Bullying has been a major deal and is one of the major causes why suicide happens. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in the world, but what causes a person to do such thing? It all starts with peer pressure bullying. “Anyone who has been around others in almost any type of social situation has experienced the influence of their peers. Human beings have an overwhelming desire to fit in and be accepted by others”(“The effect of Peer Pressure bullying”).

According to the author in this article, they claim that most people have been a victim of peer ressure bullying. Most victims are made to do nasty or silly things by other but they still do because of their desire to fit in. “There are several specific reasons why people give into peer pressure. Sometimes it’s simply out of curiosity. Individuals will try something others suggest just to find out if it’s as fun and exciting as everyone else is making it out to be” (“What is Peer Pressure”).

Most of the time most teenagers will fall into peer pressure and do dangerous stupid acts because they want to be cooler than everyone or want to fit in. An example of an idiotic act of peer pressure would be for someone who has never moked in his or her life to do it. Most high school students start smoking weed in their freshman year because they want to fit in and be cool. Most of the time teenagers smoke weed in parties and the ones that make them do it are the older students. School is one of the major factors why most teenagers fall into peer pressure but what causes school to do such thing?

One very good reason could be Hazing. Hazing is still around many high schools and one very good example of hazing could be used in sports. Every year when graduates leave the high school off to go to college there is lways new ones coming in and they are known as “fresh meat” which are the freshman. The lower class students who are sophomores and freshman are the ones that usually get picked on a lot by the seniors. It is very normal for a freshman to not be varsity or to simply not be good enough and that is one reason why they get picked on a lot.

When a freshman starts participating a sport or activity there is always a ritual to be done before being accepted by other student athletes and this ritual is called “Initiation. ” Initiation has been around for many years. When it comes to hazing, many people would argue that azing is a form of bullying. “Bullying is an act of aggression by an individual or a group of individuals with the goal of intentionally hurting the victim in some way. Additionally, it is repetitive and there is some sort of power imbalance” (Gordon).

Physically hurting someone and verbally assaulting him or her can also be known as hazing. In fact hazing is a type of bullying done in schools, however hazing is done at an older age. “Hazing typically occurs when kids are older while bullying can start at a much younger age. And unlike bullying, hazing is sometimes viewed as socially acceptable, even though it should ot be. But just like bullying, there is never a justifiable reason for hazing”(Gordon). There are many schools where they accept hazing to be done because to them is just a tradition and many coaches are okay with.

In many schools students of young age such as freshmen start to be hazed by the upper class students, for instance the seniors. Hazing can sound very innocent but it can extremely dangerous and affect a teenager’s life. Hazing is one of the major factors why many student have Low self esteem. Low self esteem can be described when a student does not feel very good about himself or herself. One of the major easons why a person feels this way is because they don’t feel ey are good enough. One of the major reasons why this happens is when they feel rejected or feel like they don’t fit in.

Sometimes they fall into peer pressure but just end up hurting themselves. The people with low self-esteem are usually overweight or have disabilities and always think bad about themselves. There are several signs that can tell when a person has a low self-esteem. One sign of low self-esteem can be when a person apologizes for living. Most of the time when teenagers have low self-esteem they always talk bad about themselves nd say how they wish they did not exist. Another sign of having low self-esteem can be having a new weird habit.

When a student or teenager has a problem and start acting weird then that can be a sign of low self-esteem. Most of the time when teenagers go through a hard phase in life they start doing different habits Bullying can be a dangerous weapon to use and has caused many of its victims to feel worthless and miserable. When a teenager is bullied most of the time they are likely to have low self-esteem about themselves, but having low self-esteem is not the worse thing ever. After a teenager is going through low self- steem they start doing weird things such as hiding themselves in their rooms or not even going out a lot.

Some other habits they start doing can be taking more naps than they are suppose to or simply checking their phones when there is no message. Examples like these can sound pretty dumb, but they are just signs of what is about to come next. Having low self-esteem is bad but what comes after this can be devastating. Low self- esteem can cause teenagers to have anxiety. Anxiety can be described as a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an ncertain outcome. To some people anxiety can just be feeling worried but having anxiety can be really serious.

Most of the time people have anxiety problems because of family problems, break ups or even school homework. Those are normal cases of anxiety but when a person has anxiety because of bullying that can be destructive. In fact Anxiety can lead for a person to commit self-harm, but why do people hurt themselves. This has been one of the most questions asked to emotional people. People who are known as “Emo” are usually with low self- esteem, they have anxiety and harm themselves. The majority f time, most teenagers hurt themselves or cut their arms because they want to relief stress or say it feels good when they bleed.

Too many people cutting themselves can feel good but why is harming your own body feel good? Most of the time when people hurt themselves they do it because they are being mentally hurt and this can be by a family problem or a bully. What type of bullying causes a person to have anxiety? People would be surprised of what can cause anxiety. “Bullying can be a traumatic experience for kids who are targeted. In fact, the pain, hurt and distress victims experience impacts almost every spect of their lives. They often are left feeling lonely, isolated, vulnerable, depressed and anxious.

What’s more, the consequences of bullying linger long after the victim has moved on” (Gordon). Bullying can cause for a teenager to have anxiety whether they are threatened, cyber bullied, or experience name-calling, all these types of bullying have a lasting impact of the teenager’s life. When a person goes through anxiety they can go through pretty severe experiences leading for this person to fall into depression. The definition of depression is the feelings of severe despondency and rejection. Depression is a stage when a erson feels left out and just experience total loneliness.

Most teenagers who go through depression feel despondency and rejected by everyone because they feel miserable. There has been much research about how depression is linked teenage bullying. “In our study we found that up to 30% of depression in our sample of 18 year olds may be attributed to being bullied as a teenager, if this link is indeed causal,”(Bowes). Lucy Bowes says that teenagers who go through bullying are more likely to have depression during the adulthood. This means that anti- bullying interventions in the teenage years could potentially ave a big impact in reducing depression in the adult population.

Depression can be damaging and can lead people to take their own life. Losing a family member or losing a job usually causes a person to fall into depression, however those are not the only causes of depression. Depression can occur by bullying as well. There has been many studies where they say that bullying is one of the major causes of mental health problems and depression as well. “In recent years, bullying has come into the spotlight as a major contributor to mental health problems in young people.

According to stopbullying. v up to 28% of kids aged 6-12 have experienced bullying, and 20% of high school students have, though other studies have reported considerably higher numbers. There are consistent links between bullying and mental health disorders like depression and anxiety, and even more heartbreaking, suicide, as kids age” (Bowes). Once after a person has gone through all the stages there is a high risk of a person going into the final step. The final Phase is known as suicide, but what is suicide? Suicide can be pretty self-explanatory and it is just the act of someone taking his or her own life.

In most religions, killing ourself can be an act of heroism to you country if the reason why you’re killing yourself is for you country, but for other it is not. Killing yourself is also known as killing your own temple. Many Christian pastors talk about how killing yourself can take you to Hell but what cause a person to kill he or herself. Most people take their own life because they feel miserable, but others do it because they cannot handle the pressure of being bullied every tingle day.

“Certainly, bullying has become an international problem with epidemiological Studies of middle and high school students in the U. S. and elsewhere suggesting that a substantial minority of children are either bullied engage in bullying, or both. The actual number may be harder to stimate since many bullying victims chose not to report what is happening”(Vitelli). Vitelli claims that one of the reasons why students might decide to take their own life is because no one is there for them. Most of the time people who go through bullying feel loneliness and one of the reasons why is because they decide to be quiet and not tell anyone what is going on.

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