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Summary: Long-Term Effects Of Bullying

Bullying can occurs anywhere but is usually start in elementary school or at an earlier age. People usually bully each other because they wanna feel in charge or because they think it will make them look cooler and tough. The person that bullies someone and the person that is getting bullied can have serious life lasting problems. “ How bullying affects the brain? My research will discuss how bullying affects the brain and the mental health effects of bullying, the long-term changes of bullying to the brain and what it leads to, and a study on negative effects on the brain. Descriptive article:

The article entitled “Mental Health Effects Of Bullying Even Worse Than Effects Of Abuse By Adults” was written by David DiSalvo. This article was published by “The Lancet Psychiatry” Writen in 2015 the article is based on mental health effects of bullying. According to the study of Dieter Wolke a professor from University of Warwick said that people who get bullied with be more likely to suffer with mental health problems. The side effect of someone who is get bullied is anxiety, depression, poor self esteem, drug abuse and signs of suicidal tendencies. Reported in the UK ALSPAC about 29. % reported that they were being bullied.

Bullying is a serious issue that can lead into many mental health problems and affect many people. Research from last years show the victim who suffer with bullying also suffer with physical health problems because it increases tissue inflammation. Bullying is a part of growing up but it can affect you long term. It is imported for health service and schools to discuss the matter so it can be reduced. Co-Relational article: The article entitled “ Bullying and the Brain” it was written by Mary Bates and published by Society for Neuroscience, it was founded in 2015.

It a study from psychologist at Tufts University, Writen in 2015 the article is based on brain and the effects. Bullying can cause many effect to your body. Victims who struggle with bullying usually have lasting life time issues. Research has shown animal and people can show the side effects of bullying and how it affects the brain’s and how it functions. Scientists have done experiments with rodents by putting an older more aggressive rat in a cage with another rat that is much younger and more sensitive. Usually the older rat would push the younger one around and bite on it to show the younger one which one is in control.

Miczek has found out that animals have had a higher rate of stress hormone. It also shows that the hormone can remain in the brain area long after the stress had ended which can have a huge impact on the brain which can lead into abuse of drugs. Experiment has shown when you put drugs like cocaine and alcohol the in the same cage as the rodents who have been bullied, the ones that have more access to the drugs will be more prone to using more of the drug and alcohol. The rodent that has been bullied will rely on it.

The study of a psychologist in university of ottawa have found that boys and girls abnormal levels of cortisol compared to people who haven’t been bullied. Having abnormal cortisol can impact your body and cause you to be more weaker it can cause the immune system to start killing nerve cells. Study has shown that teen who get bullied have a hard time with memorizing which is affecting the brain. Experimental The article entitled “Bullying negatively affects the brain, study suggests” written by Mariah Sylvain. Written in 2011 article is based on the negative effects of the brain.

There are many ways to cure bullying, there has been studies done to mice to see the activity in their brain and the effects it has on their brains which they found that they had higher levels of social anxiety. An experiment was done were a older mice was put in a cage full of younger mice and the effect that they had wasn’t physical harm but it was cause mentally more stress which harms the brain. The younger mice felt useless, they tryed many other experiments in the span of 10 days and putting them in new cages to see the results that bullied had on them.

According to the study the hormone molecules caused the brain to be more affected by the hormones. These hormones can cause someone to feel more scared in situations when they are safe. After all the studies they put the mice alone to see how they would interact. But they stayed far away from the other mice and stayed foze up. The study showed that the victims of bullies might have problems with starting new relationship because of the fear of repeating the same situation.

Another study from the National Education Association study showed that teens who have gotten bullied in their middle school years have a greater impact and usually have underdeveloped connection between their left and right brain, they also have higher levels of anxiety and depression, anger, hostility, dissociation and drug abuse Conclusion: In my human development research assignment my research questions was How bullying affects the brain? All three articles explain the impact that bullying has on your brain and how it can affect your brain at a younger age. Bullying can give you live lasting problems.

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