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Bullying in a nutshell

Have you ever bullied or been bullied? If you have bullied or been bullied then you should know how bullying feels like. Bullying is very negative and creates major problems for our society. Nothing good comes out of bullying. It could very well change or ruin a person’s life. In fact, it does ruin many people’s lives. Kids can be mentally scarred if they are teased often. Even worse, they could be killed or fatally injured if the bullying gets extreme. There are many causes for bullying which must be taken care of before bullying can be stopped.

T. V. violence, families in poverty, and mis-teachings are just several of the many serious causes for bullying. Bullying must be stopped or prevented no matter how long it will take, it is a deeply concerning matter. Bullying does not always have to be childish play, it can be extremely violent. People may be bruised, injured, or even killed. Kids under bad influence may turn very violent. Parents, relatives, friends, T. V. , music and pictures may all influence people, especially when they are depressed or are in a lowered state of mind.

Violence on T. V. is a very big influence, particularly the wrestling and fighting shows. Also, T. V. shows are quite readily available for anyone to watch. Kids may try “moves” on people at school because they believe it’s cool. As well, cooperation from childrens’ parents is important, some parents actually encourage their children to fight to look cool or don’t teach them properly. Kids must take their own initiative, as well, they must find out what’s wrong and what’s right for themselves sometimes. Many kids don’t take bullying seriously.

However, when a real incident occurs, they are unprepared, shocked, regretful, or dead. Bullying must stop, for it is destroying the lives and futures of many innocents, perhaps not killing them, but ruining them. People may end up physically distorted, paralysed, or dead because of bullying. Aside from physical harm, there is also mental harm. This is equally as destructive. Kids may become extremely depressed from being bullied. As a result, they may refuse to eat, become suicidal, or in return bully other kids to make themselves feel better.

Although some of these examples of effects may not seem too serious, they really are. Commonly, there are incidents where bullied students go to school and slaughter many people and eventually kill themselves. For example, several weeks ago Killarney Secondary School had an angered student come to their cafeteria with a knife looking for someone. Dozens of innocent kids have been killed in these types of incidents because one or several kids bullied a student. Most of these incidents occur because a group of kids thought it was cool to bully, or just to show off.

These peer pressure incidents caused a great deal of harm and suffering. However, peer pressure is just one of the many reasons bullying occurs. Disfunctional families, being bullied, bad moods, not being taught rights and wrongs are, as well, causes for bullying. As bullying runs amuck, many people will lose their morale, self-confidence, and determination. These people will become lost in despair and may find themselves bullying others which will only create more problems. We must put a stop to bullying. The results of bullying are all negative and very serious.

In reality, many bullied people end up with seriously physically injured because people to do no know the extents of bullying. As well, other bullied people may remain in suffering and cower in their homes in fright of bullies. Many of these people have disorders which will “eat” at them till they die. If people are not aware of the potential consequences of bullying, they may have their lives ruined or shattered, or even worse, live to see their family or friends suffer. This bullying must be stopped and prevented before more lives are taken.

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