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Persuasive Essay On Hazing

Hazing is a social war between the coming high schoolers of today, causing young adults to take their own lives every year as and escape from being sent to a learning environment only to be surrounded by the negative tendency of their peers. Teasing and picking on some to an extent to where that person kills them self is cruel and inhumane. Athletic code of conduct was a code passed after 5 kids were so called horse playing but later being described and charged with battery assault by mob and Hazing requiring coaches to discuss locker room behavior with athletes. (Fredericksburg, VA1).

Maybe the player didn’t see anything wrong with what action’s they were partaken in but the effect was enough to get the individuals charged with public records, But this is not the only incident like this at Stafford high school Irene Egan states that she believed when “The code was approved I think there was a need for it given recent events. ” Although some the problem is major schools such as Spotsylvania School system does not have a written codes of conduct for athletes (Fredericksburg, VA1) the parent are informed and directed to the rules of being an athletes in the high school.

Though you can’t see it, teens go through a deep depression when being hazed causing them to lose all aspects on their lives till they have lost their complete personality to later lead them to the harsh stages off depression for instant, two females at the at the military academy in Charleston were missed judges when reported stating that that they had been hazed and sexually harassed.

The two females had then dropped out of the military academy after State prosecutor in Charleston South Carolina did not pursue criminal charges against the two male cadets that had reportedly assaulted the 2 females simply because although some witnesses made a statement that led to a violent abuse charges others witnesses say “that the female students had light heartedly accepted to the hazing as part of a normal initiation ritual. ”

Another incident accord when a student at Prestigious Rutger University named Tyler Clementi Committed suicide by jumping of the George Washington Bridge after his roommates who face charges of invasion of privacy used his web cam to secretly record him having sexual interactions with a man. By the actions the students displayed they were able to take someone with scholarship life and throw it away as if it was a rock in a coal mine. Students work hard to push their way through school and should not have to deal with the severities of being surrounded by such ignorance,

Now before entering Fair Field University Students are required to take part in learning about sexual assault by being taught different ways to handle situations. Furthermore given tool that go over affirmative consent and true willingness to have a campus where students are able to feel safe and at home, the school also teaches the incoming students how to watch for assault on or near the campus Donogue says “That the university also trains all students in being active bystanders. Who watch for and stop Sexual assault and harassment, making programs such as the one used at the university can prevent kids from acting in such actions as dropping out, becoming distance and even taking their own live which allows the student rate to go up rather than going down where hazing is acceptable. Though the participation rates in youth sports continue to rise, the goal for hazing ceremonies are degraded and embarrass new team members. (Johnson, 2009; Van Raalte, Cornelius, Linder & Brewer, 2007; Waldron & Kowalski, 2009).

Most teens want to join a team and be a part of something they can call family, but not everyone wants or can handle the foolishness Surrounded by the base of such actions, some try so hard to fit in they so the do what everyone else does thinking that it will make them cool or so called “Live”, Other face dredged social environments because of the mistakes they made only pushing there so called Brother hood into a stay away zone never wanting to be seen again because unlike In years past where hazing practices were typically considered harmless, comical pranks associated with young men in college fraternities(Jessica W. Chin, San Jose State University, CA, USA)

Today’s youth has turned such harmless activities into an infestation battling up against appoints such as No Place For Hate and other anti-bullying / hazing organizations. With study’s showing life long process starting at the age of 12 comprehensive 1999 studies indicate that 60% of the US high schools students report that they are being hazed not to mention that in the NCAA sports context specifically, 80% Had been hazed and only 20% of those reported a positive experience. Hoover & Pollard, 2000) some say that it brings the friend ship stage to the peek point of True brother hood but for some that was the probably the worst day of their life. While these rituals are historically associated with fraternity pranks and rites of passage for group membership, over time they have been adopted within other realms of team-based activities from the military to school teams and have increased in both number and variety (Allan & Madden, 2008; Nuwer, 1999; Waldron & Kowalski, 2009).

The brutality is said to bring brother hood to those joining showing if not completed the amount of willingness you have with such sense of freedom the hierarchalpower relationships which are set up through these practices are not easily dismantled, Showing while there is a strong relationship battle were hazing ceremonies are practiced researches are discovering that some hazing may cause the emotional state to change in a person being humiliated in front of others ,You should be punished for hazing because some teens take their life because they don’t like the pressure it puts on them and one having control over someone and causing them to do such a thing should indeed have a consequence The truth is stretched when positive behavior are included with in the different hazing activities because meanwhile their numbers pale in comparison to the number of questionable behaviors, including those that humiliate and degrade, and to those that involve Alcohol and other illegal, dangerous and criminal acts.

Some cases have been reported where athletes before making the team would have to do a public performance or be involved in n, nudity, sexual acts including instances of rape, group sex, beatings, and other dangerous acts that place the haze at risk for multiple instances of physical, emotional, and psychological harm or even death, in order to gain acceptance and full membership to the team (Nuwer, 1999; Srabstein, 2008) Fortunately, a number of exposed high profile cases have led 44 states to enact laws against the practice of hazing, most of which were passed by the late 1960s (Crow & Rosner, 2002). While some may go for a run to cool of what someone said to them that day or even made them do other do have different outcomes with the harsh environment of being hazed as if they were trapped in a game with no food but being so hungry.

And with hazing happening and taken a negative effect on the society it’s also While differences have been noted in the degree of severity and forms of hazing rituals between male and female teams, an increasing number of female teams are adopting extreme hazing behaviors that mimic those more commonly associated with male teams (johnson, 2009; Lenskyj, 2004). In a realm dominated by male figures, female athletes are perhaps using these initiation rituals to prove they too can survive the rites of passage into the realm of sports. While studies show females more so than males at a young age choose to join sports for the social aspect (Hedstrom & Gould, 2004) Most teens lose hope after being humiliated not wanting to anything giving up on every dream they could have once had and for what because someone thought it would be funny to play and mean joke on someone else for their own entertainment. How might a negative social experience impact their decision to continue with the sport?

How might they negotiate their female-athlete identity? When negative experiences are identified as a significant factor for drop-outs in youth sports(Hedstrom & Gould, 2004), having to struggle with an identity conflict while being forced to perform acts that embarrass, humiliate or harm, only contributes to the rate at female and male athletes drop out of sports at a young age. Any action or situation which recklessly or intentionally endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student for the purpose of initiation or admission into a group or affiliation with, any organization operating under registration can be shut down in school and forced with charges that can land you in jail.

Activity’s which could subject the individual to mental stress such as sleep deprivation, forced exclusion from social contact, forced contact which could result in embarrassment, or any other activity which could adversely affect the mental health or dignity of the individual would be considered hazing and dealt with by the law. Fraternities also have a lot to recommend them. Greek students tend to be more active on campus than their classmates, and, supporters say, well-managed chapters foster leadership, facilitate service, and provide healthy camaraderie. A disproportionate number of elected officials and heads of major companies have gone through the fraternity system. And most members shun the extreme behaviors that get dozens of chapters in trouble each year but Victim advocates and frustrated college administrators, along with a steady stream of negative news, have been raising questions about what fraternity’s value and who is overseeing them.

In one month alone this spring, 30 chapters were suspended for offensive or dangerous acts. (McMurtrie, Beth) Although the state has made laws trying to stop hazing people still have to go through it today causing multiple negative out comes to effect teen’s lives every day making Sororities have a better case to make than fraternities about the quality of the residential life they offer. Their chapters are alcohol free and often have a full-time, live-in director. Unlike with fraternities, several studies have shown that sorority members often have higher grades than their nonGreek peers causing them to be sounded by ignorance and negativity, Hens forth concluding that hazing is common in our society and must be stopped.

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