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Essay about Safety In Nursing Home

What should the government do to improve the many lives of nursing home residents? So far, there has been a problem of trying to regulate safety and ensure nursing homes prioritizing care and responsibility on those residents. There has been a lack of staff responsibility for providing treatment, administering medication, and keeping their facilities a clean environment. Overall, this caused a concern of how residents are not cared properly.

In addition, their lives at a nursing home has always been a gloomy place and a negative impact on them to spend he rest of their lives at; therefore, there should be more planned out activities and daily exercises to keep the residents going. It will decrease the feeling of bitter taste on how they feel about spending the rest of their life in a nursing home. So what the government should do to improve the lives of residents is to make safety a priority, improving the living conditions at nursing home facilities, better medical treatment, and providing daily activities the residents can enjoy.

The important criteria the government focuses on is making safety a number one priority in nursing homes. Residents living n nursing homes must be cared for the most and respected for their privacy and identity. According to Medicare and Medicaid Services, they state their opinion towards the health department “that they should begin checking to make sure that all nursing homes have policies prohibiting staff from taking demeaning photographs of residents” (Huseman and Ornstein).

It is important for nursing homes to monitor the safety on privacy because it violates governed laws from having residents in social media. In addition, it also violates the identity of nursing home residents to feel unsafe and humiliated. Eventually, laws and policies were set to make it an obligation for staff and faculties to protect the residents identities. The government took action on this since it was an act of sexual harassment, making it intolerable to take pictures or videos of the residents in nursing home facilities.

However, residents feel that there still needs much to be done. Many “aged care advocacy groups say the report reveals the Government isn’t doing enough to protect aged care residents” (Physical Sexual Assaults). How the government isn’t cooperating the situation causing a chain of events on living problems occurring. This can lead up to many problems of how nursing home institutes lack the responsibility from protecting their dear residents. Making the living environments to have an unsafe feeling where it’s always terrifying to live in.

At this moment, the government has to do something with this act of cruelty. For the fates of residents and awareness, family members of those residential victims have a fear of helping as well. In other words, “instead of addressing findings and criticisms or engaging with critics, family members who correspond with us are absolutely fearful of etribution” (Physical Sexual Assaults). Without the help of the family members addressing the situations, it implements a hard time for nursing home who has these situations to have a hard time of solving the case.

Therefore, government laws have to ensure witnesses to state their case to the nursing home facilities if it’s prior information that needs to be known. Many lives of residents are at stake if they provide a safe, care environment in nursing homes. Not unless the government can get involved with this to make sure residents are living in a safe place which they deserve to be. The only solution that comes in mind is passing more laws and penalties. This also applies how nursing home facilities keep their environment in tidy shape as well as caring for the residents responsibly.

Although, some nursing homes have unsanitary environments that can harm residents, the government have to demand against that and be stricter, more on liability and more on responsibilities for those nursing home residents. It’s important for residents to live in a clean living space to avoid having medical issues because it will increase their chances of catching any diseases. Some nursing omes have a lack of staying clean and maintain their facilities when it comes to maintenance (Bernhard). In previous situations, nursing homes have had issues keeping their facilities in a healthy manner.

Therefore, the government had passed laws about this concern which avoid the problems of unhealthy environments. Putting more stress on the staff to ensure that they’re facilities are checked and clean to provide a safe living environment for the residents to live in. The whole main idea is to enforce the fact that nursing home staffs have to make their facilities sanitary or else they will be penalized. It ay have a lot of duties to take care of, but it provides the residents to live through clean air and unharmed from any diseases.

Sometimes it isn’t always keeping the facilities clean, but providing the medication and treatment for patients is another factor the government has to enforce on. There has been a time when staff members didn’t give four residents their medications for epilepsy, heart failure, urinary tract infections, and mental illness (Bernhard). Some members would lack the intentions of taking care and monitoring residents who have medical issues putting them at higher risk of their health. Things have to be dealt with if another of this case can happen by government authority.

These misconducts proves how nursing homes need more training on caring for the residents and need to learn more responsibility of giving their medication on time. Government law penalties and policies have been placed which have decreased the risk of any health issues applied to the residents. Through all these events, the government had made sure that nursing homes are following their rules and obligated to their responsibilities just to be sure that they are trained to live up to their expectations.

In the news called “Associated Press”, they proclaimed that throughout the past year, “some of the facilities have become the police scrutiny, lawsuits, stiff regulatory fines and state and federal investigations that have uncovered numerous alleged violations” (The Associated Press). In other words, the government has taken action against the lack of duties at nursing homes to enforce that residents will get the treatment they deserve. A lot of improvement occurred after the government has done to ensure a safe living environment for residents to live in.

The increase of chances ould happen to be a positive lifestyle for residents to feel cared for through staff workers performing their duties accordingly. Later on, there will be a day when the nursing homes will need more regulations on anything that can occur. But as the present occurs now with these newly established laws, the staff living up to government’s expectations is what decreases the chances of a negative impacts on nursing homes. Better yet, healthcare can also be a big benefit for residents and nursing home staff unless the government can decide on how to find the solution.

Medical treatment is the most important issue on how the nursing home residents are treated well. Providing the care and needs a resident will need is better improvement through the use of technology. PR Newswire stated that “factors such as rise in aging population that triggers the demand for healthcare IT solutions in LTC facilities, dearth of skilled nursing personnel, and increasing healthcare reforms and government initiatives across the globe are expected to spur the demand for LTC software” (PR Newswire). LTC, a science, technology incorporation has helped many nursing homes through their roductions of advanced technology used today.

In result, it has benefitted by how nursing home facilities try to take care of the residents with the resources they had until technology came to help improve on treatments. The increase of technology based on health care has pushed for a demand on more developments for nursing homes to use. However, the price is very high for the government to afford these innovations. In despite of paying the cost and the helpful benefits, there has been an increase in the demand of affording health care. PR Newswire US says that “the number is expected to increase ramatically” (PR Newswire US).

More and more of people are receiving their health benefits through the government constantly spending on health care which residents and patients demand more of. This can enhance a better future to live by through government spending, which would influence a rate on positive life advocates. What it matters is how it will play a role in nursing home societies and whether it will last long. How it was developed has a purpose of improving health care that can be provided better to the residents. Moreover, what nursing homes demand out of the government is better care for all of heir factors.

What they are asking is that they need solutions that covers health, housing, and aged care which doesn’t include just disability. (ABC Premium News). The government must settle their plans on covering the demands on what nursing homes actually want to ensure medical treatment is taken care of. Medical treatment includes on how they are housed and cared for in their living environment are benefitted through those factors. Therefore, the government has to plan out strategies on providing the essentials they need to make positive medical treatments.

Through this, nursing homes can nhance on how they can live through a happier life through treatment. Government intervention can impact a nursing home environment entirely because they can get the better care residents need making life easier for both residents and nursing home staffs. Therefore, it’s essential for daily activities to be conducted for residents to feel active in their everyday lives. Most of all, residents must have daily activities in their lives to keep themselves healthy and active for the time being of living. Nursing homes provide these routines to give proper care and still keep on improving their lives.

Cultural and regulatory changes have intent on making nursing home life an impact on residents while living independently in the community (Port et al. ). The main objective for nursing homes is to impact on the residents lives that there’s still a chance of a reason to live. Even though residents, especially today, they are living and taking care of themselves because family members are not able to do so. That is why the government has to provide a living assistance on keeping the residents active or else the chances of death will increase. Results have shown that life expectancy will increase through daily activities.

The daily “average time nursing home residents spend with activity staff is only 20 minutes per day” (Herold). Which meets the minimum of time of how long a resident should spend time on doing. Or else there will be a psychological issue that can occur such as depression paranoia. In this kind of issue, government officials should published this as a law for nursing homes to spend time on residents with activities provided. More and more of these will help out a resident to feel that they are at home. In the matter of fact, the many activities that were conducted have made positive impacts on how residents feel about living in nursing homes.

Many of the time staff making time for activities created “a consistent positive impact on residents’ QOL” (Herold). Daily activities have enhanced the mind of thinking more on positivity for the residents rather than feeling depressed. They are living the rest of their lives in a nursing homes so it’s important that positive things have to be made for them. Overall, the residents feel at ease to have these activities in their lives. The results and feedback proves that the government should make it a policy or law on nursing homes that there should be activities daily to improve their lives better.

Many alternatives to make find solutions on how the government can improve the residents’ lives in nursing homes have tried their best through established laws and policies. Therefore, their political actions made nursing home institutes improve on the residents’ medical treatments better and supported many facilities with improved technology usage. How the government regulated nursing homes have made an influence on improving lives. After many actions taken place have made it clear and understandable for the faculties of nursing homes that their residents are their most important people to look after.

Health care improvement through better medical treatment and providing a safety environment to live in is a high expectation the government demands on. As long as long-lasting health care and policies or laws are in place, then the nursing homes will do their duty of taking care of the residents and make better positive impacts on their lives. There will be a day when something needs to be improved on. But on the time being, government agencies have responsibilities to take care of improvising health and living improvements. Their goal is to make nursing homes better. But the residents themselves matter the most.

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