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Democracy: The Role Of Democracy In The United States Essay

Democracy is a famous form of government that is practiced in many parts of the globe. This form of government vests the highest power on the citizens of the country. It is for this reason that democracy is referred to as the government of the people, by the people and for the people. Citizens exercise and practice their democratic rights via various means: electing leaders of their choice and the representative or rather the candidate that acquires the highest votes gets elected for that particular position.

Democracy however is not just about elections, it entails other perspectives such freedoms of the media and the human rights extent to the citizens of the country under consideration. The word democracy has not been mentioned anywhere in the American constitution. Despite this fact, it does not inhibit American from being recognized globally for its fair and effectiveness in practicing democratic form of government for a long period of time.

However, despite the enormous praise, it evidently clear that this form of government in America is broken and more rigged than people know. Taking into account the articles on the situation and nature of democracy in America, this paper will examine and analyze the opinion on why American democracy is broken The most important thing is not about the views of people or comparing and contrasting the American democracy with other nations but rather examining the nature of the country America and the way it is exercising its form of governance.

It is impractical to compare with other nations because most are developing and therefore are at a young phase. Taking this into account, examining democracy in America from a mature perspective it is clearly evident that are several loopholes that have made this form of government broken and rigged. According to Alterman (2012), United States democracy needs enormous reforms in order to efficient and effective again. The senate particularly is termed to be performing poorly and being resistant to change.

This is a very fundamental element to the growth of United States because the decisions of the senate decide or rather indicate how the policies will be implemented and established to hinder and boost certain issues affecting the economy of the united States. It is therefore factual to state that American democracy is broken and needs serious reforms and changes in order to govern the country appropriately. The sharing and distribution of wealth in America is technically incongruous. In order to earn a certain amount of profit another individual losses money (Wolfe, 2006).

This is purely not democracy. In a democratic form of government, policies are unmistakably established to ensure that every person earns money autonomously, creating wealth from an independent perspective without taking other citizens resources. This results to a nation whereby there is the wealthy class and another class where the standards of livings are poor and unsuitable. Further, the article clearly enlightens that the role of money in the United States must be well conventional and pointed out to ensure that money fraud is minimized or prevented completely.

In addition to this, the democracy of United States is weakened by the fact that the press or the media is not accorded the appropriate power to conduct researches and thorough investigations to observe transparency and accountability in the utilization of funds in the states by various corporates, societies and individuals as well (Greenberg, 2012). This is a clear illustration of the extent to which the democracy of America has declined in recent years and not meeting the needed standards to run one of the biggest economy of the world at citizen level.

It is clearly evident that the US senate functions extremely poorly. Changes in the congress are vindicated by the political investments of the democrats and the republicans (Williamson, 1925). Whilst the political success is not supposed to determine the significance of the policies to be implemented, it is clearly evident that in United States that the power house in the congress is oriented at propelling towards establishing those policies that indicate or rather display superiority politically.

This results to retrogression in the country instead of gradual positive change with time (Mann, Ornstein and Annenberg, 2006). This is a present and notable experience in the United States congress that clearly illustrates that American democracy is broken. Adequate public awareness has not been made to the citizens of the United States thereby leaving the nations susceptible to manipulations by the activists rather being independent and driven by their own opinions.

This has led to voting being done to people that are not the best candidates yet still made to be the presidents and states representatives in United States. Senators are bale to conduct and hold businesses at their own will for a long period of time as much as they wish in ordered to gain from their positions given the power they are accorded. The American democracy is not only broken but also not helping the nation in moving forward. The article that suggests that American democracy is not broken is shying off and contradicting its self.

The author is unclear and besides few factual points, it is also clear that the drawbacks associated with the democracy in United States are more than the privileges accorded to the citizens to propel the country forward. The article articulates that it is the American citizens who are driving the democratic process of the nation. While this statement may be true to the extent of voting, it is also not factual because it is the role of the elected leaders to implement the policies and the will of the citizens who elected them and at the same time who they fundamentally represent (Tavris, 2012).

The author stresses on the point that the American citizens are victims of their own decisions. This is a retrogressive statement, indicating the weakness and unreliability of this article because every American president is elected by a certain percentage that represents the majority and there is also a certain percentage that are the minority who represent other political parties. As a president or a citizen representative, it is your role to work for all the citizens irrespective of their political background (Palmer, 2014).

Evidently, there is no key, reliable and justifiable proof that indicates the stronghold of the American democratic form of government. Despite the significant number of voting given to the winning side, either the republicans or the democrats, United States democracy is demoralized by the presence of just two political parties. In comparison to other developed nations where there are several political parties, the practice of democracy in America is weak and fragile.

France for instance has 14 political parties while Italy has 13 different parties. Considering that United States is regarded as a hotbed of freedom and democracy, it is important to increase the political parties in order to offer a conducive platform of voluntary views which is fundamental for change and continuous progress (Schlozman, Verba and Brady, 2012). In addition to this, the federal government of United States can exterminate any court case by appealing that it is a state-run top-secret.

I would believe that in a country that is considered as a land of freedoms and human rights, it is appropriate to have justice and transparency in court cases. Every person irrespective of the national locus should be responsible and accountable for any sought of conduct that needs clarification. The above are clear evidence showing that the American democracy is broken and has a lot to rebuild on for suitable change.

According to Shannon, 2007), the American people are suffering from civic depression, for the continuous diminishing of the traditional moral and ethical virtues of responsibility, trust and accountability in public office. All institutions have been affected with this killing virus that has left United States at a threshold to sinking the democratic freedom. From the result of a public polling, congress has been viewed as very ineffective and less favorable with respect to its position in past years.

Evidently, the America democracy has been subject to a lot of issues that have placed it at a position to be looked by everyone. It is not the same as it was decades ago with all the elements of accountability and trustworthy in public offices. Corruption has hit the American people and are endangered by the current situation in the states. It is therefore factual to state that the American democracy is broken and needs sufficient and adequate rebuild in order to deserve the high praises of hotbed of freedom, justice and human rights.

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