Pamela Smart court case

Gregory Smart was shot dead in his New Hampshire condominium, which what appeared to be a botched burglary, Just one week before his first wedding anniversary. Six weeks later William Flynn, age of 16, Vance Lattice, age of 17 and Patrick Randall, age of 18 were arrested and charged with the murder, all three pleaded guilty. However, to reduce their sentences the teenagers agreed to testify against the person they claimed persuaded them to carry out the killing: Pamela Smart, wife of Gregory.

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On March 4, 1991 Assistant Attorney General Diane Nicolas aid the teenagers were naive victims of an evil women who wanted her husband dead. Nicolas claimed that Smart seduced Flynn with the intent of tricking him into murdering her husband, so that she might avoid an expensive divorce and benefit from a $140,000 life insurance policy. Patrick Randall talked about how Flynn had enlisted his services, along with Vance Lattice and how all three went to the Smart residence.

While Lattice waited outside, Flynn and Randall ransacked the house and ambushed Greg Smart when he returned home from a sales meeting. Randall admitted to holding a knife at Smarty’s throat as Flynn fired a . 8- caliber bullet through Smarty’s brain. After the two took some Jewelry to create the impression of a robbery gone wrong. Defense counsel Mark Sit states that “Pamela Smart didn’t make you kill anybody, right? ” Then Randall agrees and Sit continues to say muff went to kill Greg Smart for your friend Bill Flynn, right? And Randall agrees again. “Pamela Smart had nothing to so with that, correct? ” Sit asked next and Randall simply states “Correct. ” Vance Lattice is the driver of the get away car, he states that Smart gave him a pair of stereo speakers and promised an additional $250 for his art in the slaying. When William Flynn took the stand he recounted how Smart seduced him and stated how she told him stories of how Greg physically abused her. She said “The only way she could see for us to be together was if we killed Greg. He that stated the “l was afraid if I didn’t do it, she would leave me. ” Smart later says that she had a choice to either divorce Greg or to kill him but she also said she couldn’t divorce him because he would take everything and leave her with nothing. Pamela starts to blame some medication she was taking at the time for her apparent instability and how she didn’t force anyone to kill Greg. The Jury took 13 hours to decide Smarty’s fate.

She stood emotionless as the guilty verdict was read. When Judge Douglas Gray imposed a life sentence without possibility of parole for first degree murder, she seemed equally unaffected. William Flynn and Patrick Randall each were sentences of 28 years to life for their involvement in the murder. Vance Lattice received 18 years to life for his part. They were sentences on march 22, 1991. This is an example of teacher takes advantage of a student. Pamela Smart court case By Codename

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