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What provisions do you think were made for the newly freed African Americans? The states had the power to enact their own laws as long the laws were not in conflict with the federal constitution’s laws. The African Americans had to overcome strong white prejudice. DO you feel that the diplomatic weakness of the United States under the Articles were serious as its internal problems? What were the sources of those weaknesses, and what threat did they pose for national unity? Yes I do think that there would have been a diplomatic weakness. There were no provisions for a separate executive branch of government.

Compare and contrast the options open in the United States in the sass’s in developing its economy with those of the new nations that have also emerged out of former colonial empires since World War II. There actions would be similar. They would have to design an economy that would enable to people to prosper. Chapter 8 What role did the “people” play in Washington’s inauguration in 1789? What was the purpose of the grand procession, and why were the militia present? The people took part in a large procession after Washington’s address. The purpose was to establish legitimacy and backing for the new government.

What were the major problems confronting the Washington administration, and how effectively were they resolved? Why was Washington so cautious when confronted with the outbreak war in Europe? Washington had to deal with a new constitution which had note proven that it would work. He had to set up a brand new national government. He used caution when the war broke out in Europe and stood natural. Why did regional differences tend to pit the North against the South by the late sass? The north had an economy based on forests that allowed for extraction of timber, fishing, ship building, hipping.

The south was a plantation based economy labor intensive, needed slaves and the north and done away with slavery. Jefferson called his election in 1800 the “revolution of 1800. ” What do you think he meant? Would you agree with him? Jefferson truly believed that the Federalists represented a dangerous counter-revolutionary with the intent of selling America back to England and establishing a new aristocracy in its place. He believed that his victory put an end to that threat. Chapter 9 What changes did the Republicans bring to the federal government? How did heir policies differ from those of their Federalist predecessors?

The Republicans started by making fiscal policies. They eliminated all internal taxes in order to help people with large debt. The Federalists wanted more public dept. What factors accounted for the Federalists’ inability to regain national power after they lost the election of 1 800? Federalists opposed the expansionist program, since it basically gave more power to Republicans rather than Federalists because Jefferson was a Republican and Federalists wanted more power What accounted for the difficulties of the United States n waging the War of 1 812, and why was the war widely viewed as a great SIS victory?

How did the war lead to an increasing pattern of diplomatic cooperation between the united States and Britain? What explains the upsurge of nationalism that underlay the Era of Good Feelings? Why were the Republicans unable to maintain their party unity in 1819? Chapter 10 Explain the democratic movements Of the early nineteenth century. What role did race and gender play in the movements? What evidence is there for the existence of similar democratic sentiments of Europe? How was the Bank War central to the development of the Democratic and Whig parties?

Why did the political debates of the 1 sass’s focus on financial issues? How would you describe the changes in U. S. Politics between 1824 and 1840? What accounted for these changes? What do you think accounted for the sense of shock, even outrage, with which Benjamin Brown French reacted to the partisanship of the election of 1 828? Chapter 11 What factors accounted for the tremendous expansion Of cotton production in the South? How was this expansion linked to slavery and westward movement? How would you characterize the life of a plantation slave?

What insights does Hannah Craft’s opening account provide into the special vulnerability of slave women? Why were religion and family such key features of the world that slaves built for themselves? What evidence is there of resistance and rebellion among the slaves? What was the position of free black southerners in southern society? How were their freedoms restricted? How was the development of the Old South linked to the international cotton market? Chapter 12 Why were improvements in transportation so essential to the growth of the economy after 1815? What were the nature and scope of these improvements?

What was the religious impulse behind the first wave of reform? What innovations in reaching a mass audience did the benevolent reformers pioneer? Why was abolitionism the most radical reform of all? How was it linked to an international movement calling for the end of slavery? Chapter 13 What accounted for the westward movement of Americans? How did the presence or absence of slavery affect developmental patterns in the new settlements? Who lived in the Mexican borderlands of the Southwest? Why was it so difficult for the Mexican government to maintain effective control of he region?

What role did trade play in the American penetration of the Southwest? Who was responsible for the outbreak of the Mexican War? Were Mexicans the victims of American aggression? Why did the British make no effort to intervene? Chapter 14 How do you account for the great success of Harriet Beechen Stole’s uncle Tom’s Cabin? Discuss the role of evangelical religion in sharpening the sectional conflict between the North and South. Northerners and southerners appealed to the same American ideals in support of their respective positions. Could they have both been correct?

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