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Marks and spencers and the westlands school history

Wastelands School to do my assignment. Mark and Spence’s (M) company which is gone from a sole trader to a public limited company which is now one of the largest supermarkets across I-J and Europe. The Wastelands School is a secondary school for girls and boys, which the government control.

History of mark and Spence’s – mark and Spence’s started with Michael marks who was Poland Jew, he came to England in 1882,and couldn’t speak any English and had very little money but he had a sharp mind and knew what the customers want, so he started to sell his own session togged money. Soon after he had his first stall in karate market, Leeds 1884 which was called ‘Marks Penny Bazaar’. This was a very successful retail business. This is where Michael marks became a sole trader.

A sole trader is where a business is owned by one person,and is also unlimited liability,which means if the business finds itself unable to pay its creditors then the sole trader can be forced to sell his personal possessions to pay these creditors. But in 1894 Michael went into a partnership with tom Spencer which means working as as a team and changed the name of the business to marks and Spencer. A partnership is also unlimited liability, even though some partnership can be limited liability, so they have to share the profit they make and the running of the business, but an there can 2-20 people in a partnership.

Tom invested in Michael business of his life saving of IEEE for a half- share in the growing business, tom was in charge of the warehouse and the central office while mark was in charge of buying stock and managing the penny bazaars. By 1903 they were registered as marks and Spencer Ltd with a capital of 30,000 shares. The two found mark and tom became shareholders which means they make all the session in the company. In 1904 when tom retired, mark rented eight units when the cross arcade open, and vowed not to close for the day until he reached OHIO pound which was achieved by pm.

Three years later, only a third of the sixty marks and Spencer stores were in market stalls or arcades, as the business came too larger premises. In December 1907 Michael marks dies and his son took over his chairman in 1916. The First World War in 1914 the business started to develop into a national store. By the twentieth century, marks and Spencer had transformed even though it was very official in the war time as the penny pricing system had to abandon. In sass’s the range of good sales had risen and that stores started to closely look like what they are today.

Penny bazaar was replaced by the new shop which were called ‘superstores’ which were selling clothes and food. This meant that that the business could afforded the remaining core company values, for example staff uniforms, branded carrier bags and customer services which help marks and Spencer become a high street institution. In 1926, marks and Spencer became a public liability company (PL) which means hares can be brought and sold by the public, which mean there investors can develop and expand their business from the raise of the capitals, the only disadvantage would be is that it very expensive. Also a public liability company will have to hold annual carnal meeting for all the shareholders to tell themes going on in the bunnies, this is so they can see how well the business is performing or not, Pl have to have at least 1 meeting a year as it is a legal requirement. In 2011 ,marks and Spencer greener living spaces redeveloped as the flagship project which was part of our CEO programmer plan, whip funds were raised by up a carrier bag.

Michael marks took person interest in his employees’ wellbeing as his son Simon continue on, as Simon set up all the general staff welfare system on time, this benefited the employee as they got supported canteens,doctors,dentists,hairdressers,holiday pay etc. History of the Wastelands School – The wastelands school is based around stubbornness area, along the side of three other school which are all completing for the pupil take in. These school are SC (stubbornness community college), Fulton which are for boys and girl which wastelands s swell, Borden which is a all boy school and highlighted which is an all girl school.

The wastelands school has re-sincerely became an academy in 2010 the first in the country and also Joined with stubbornness community college (SC). The wasteland school was build in the sass’s for boys and girls which it is still today. There were many buildings in the wastelands school but only one main one, the school was split in two separating the boys and girls leaving them in different sides of the school. The boys and girls also had different playgrounds. The school was built next to a Coulter sack which was never finished so they then built it into the main school entrance.

Mr. Whiteface Joined our school as head teacher and progressed with the school now making it an academy with the swales academia trust, Mr. Whitlock now owns over 5 schools in swales. The wastelands is in the public sector as it is owned and controlled by the local government. A public sector business is normally funded by taxation, NASH, Education wastelands roughly make Elimination every year from the government. The money is spent on all the resources for the children such as pens, books, paper, computers etc. Also the bills for the school and the teachers paisleys

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