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Essay about Persuasive Speech On School Shootings

We the kids around the world are not thrilled with the way our society behaves. We hate to turn on the news and see the way our youth act towards each other like who really wants to live in a world where this goes on every single day. The biggest problem that we have in society is school shootings. We bully each other until it gets to the point where we can’t take the bullying no more and start handling the situation ourselves and we will never know when it’s going to happen until it happens.

And people wonder why does this happen to our youth well it’s because no one like to stick up for the person that’s getting bullied they just let it happen like what I heard today at lunch where a student was getting bullied by everyone in his second period and no one stood up for him. Someone said they decided not to stick up for him because he didn’t do it hisself. Why should we want for the person that’s getting bullied to stick up for themselves instead of use helping him by standing up for him.

I just pray and hope that student don’t come to school with a weapon and make all those bully’s stop what they have been doing to him. If everyone would stand up and stop a bullying in progress it would help everyone. And help them understand that what would’ve happen if they didn’t stop a bullying and how it would change everything around them for the rest of their lives. And it would make the student that was getting bullied feel to have someone to finally stop it instead of letting it continue.

It really don’t matter of your different from the other person you shouldn’t be picking on people what if you was in their shoes would you like it? , can’t we just be friends with each other without trying to fit in with people that’s being mean to other students, be yourself don’t let others try to control who you are and who you are not, let yourself be counted for your own actions no one else’s action but yours. The issue behind school shootings is that we have students that think they’re better than everyone, but are they, they’re just like us in all kinds of was.

They like to hide their fears and angry from the world and like to take it out on others just like us, but our angry and fears are put in art, writing, and pictures not physical, mentally, or emotionally on people. With the situation with bullying it’s like a drug that you can’t get enough of, because it makes you feel like your in powered, the laughing and the joining in with you, we all just need to know when enough is enough. School shootings are nothing to play around with, you could lose you life or your love ones or you best friend could lose their own lives in this situation.

In the novel Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult, a boy named Peter Houghton was just a normal kid until the bullying started in Kindergarten between two people would didn’t like him because he was different from them. They’re names was Matt Royston and Drew Girard who was always shoving, elbowing, and hitting Peter. It went on everyday, but it got worse when Peter decided to tell his best friend Josie Cormier who was going out with Matt at the time that he had a crush on her, but her friend Courtney Ignatio decided to red the email and told Drew to forward it to the whole entire school.

When Peter found out that the whole school read the email that he sent to Josie he felt humiliated, people was laughing and calling him names, but Josie she felt sorry for Peter. And that same day Matt decided to humiliate Peter some more by pulling his pants down at lunch and which the they started laughing and Matt started calling him names. Which made Peter decide to make them pay for ruining his life. The next day Peter had a few bombs and two hand guns in his bag. Peter killed almost everyone that was bullying him. Drew was still alive he only got shot in the shoulder when he was running with Matt and Josie.

Matt was killed by Josie in the locker room. Matt had two bullets in him. Josie stood up for Peter when he was getting bullied before she just decided to join the popular people, but she still had feeling for feeling and hated that Peter was getting bullied by Matt and his friends everyday and how she was getting abused by Matt. If we all can be like Josie not the killing people part out of revenge, but the part where she stood up for Peter when they was still friends school shootings would not be in the news all the time, but the where a student stood up for another student that was getting bullied.

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