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Writing Techniques Essay Examples

As one creates a story, the various techniques an author will use have a great impact on the story and the effect that it will have on the reader(s).  A piece of literature serves its purpose when it leaves the readers with a new impression or insight.  In the short story, The Storm, the author, McKnight Malmar, uses various writing mechanics in order to provide readers with a suspenseful setting.
With the use of imagery, literature can achieve a greater purpose by leaving a person with a distinct image that allows a reader to greater empathize with the characters.  .  From the description of certain scenes, the author creates an intense feeling of suspense.  “The glimmer of white at the window behind the sheeting blur of rain had been – she was sure of it – a human facethere had been eyes staring back at her.”

Not only can one commiserate with the character’s feelings, but also imagine the actual moment.  Another example of a clever description usage occurs when the readers are eager to have Janet uncover what lies in the depths of her trunk.  “Her old trunk that stood against the wall was open just a crack; from the crack came this tiny pinpoint of reflected light to prick the cellar’s gloomShe went toward it like a woman hypnotizedher old trunk had held the curled-up body of a woman.”  Thus, the readers can relate to the character’s feelings of fear and anticipation making them more drawn to the story and its outcome.
Making the difference between whether or not a piece of literature makes an impact on the reader, a main factor is wording, also known as, diction.  The idea that one perceives from a situation in a story depends on the word choice.  For instance, one walking up stairs is not equivalent to when “she almost flew up the stairs,” for one gains a greater sense of fear from the latter.  Making the audience even more empathetic towards Janet’s character is her physical description of being an “almost childish figure.”  Stating her physique as being thin and slender conveys less of an adult image.  Therefore, the author’s description gives the readers a feeling that Janet is more susceptible to frightful situations, such as a child is.

By clearly describing a situation with out the use of futile narration, the author avoids lengthy sentences.  The author clearly illustrates Janet’s fear of Ben when “she stood for an instant staring at the thing that left her stricken, with a voiceless scream forming in her throat.”  Choosing to be direct, rather than lengthy creates a greater impact.  Another instance when the author spares details occurs when she describes Janet’s escape as “the blessed wind snatched the front door from her and flung it wide, wand she was out in the safe, dark shelter of the storm.”  Rather than going into drawn-out detail, the author leaves the readers with an image of retreat, which also allows one to imagine what the repercussions of her escape might be.
As a writer creates a story, he/she must keep in mind various things, such as diction, imagery and syntax.  Malmar uses techniques that help create a suspenseful feeling while reading her short story.  While her story may not have a particular angle that one can analyze, it serves its purpose as being entertaining.

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