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American History X: False Portrayls

The False Portrayals of American History X By: T. J. Hove American History X is a violent and cruel movie that portrays our country as an undeveloped racist society. This movie depicts America as a country not yet adjusted to it’s multi-cultural residence. A movie that offers to it’s viewers nothing but images of Neo-Nazi cults and hate crimes, shouldn’t be allowed to be shown. American History X uses incorrect racial treatment, hurtful language, violence, and hate to create a version of America that does not exist.

American History X follows a young and very racist boy who is part of a Neo-Nazi cult. The boy has been highly influenced by his older brother, a respected figure in the cult. Both of these characters are played by white males. American History X introduces almost the entire community as cruel Neo-Nazi cult members. Only a few characters are non-racist toward people of color and they all play small roles in the movies plot. By showing such a large community as racist Neo-Nazi cult followers American History X suggests that the white community of America is racist.

What they fail to express is that, in reality, racism is handled much better. America has struggled for many years to create a country of equality. Instead of producing a movie that creates an unrealistic version of America, why not produce a movie that properly illustrates today’s society. Vulgar language is used throughout the entire movie. The excessive hurtful language is used to such an amount that it becomes almost a second language. Being exposed to such language for the entire movie’s length, creates a belief that these slurs are common talk amongst American communities.

Racial slurs are regarded as one the highest forms of disrespect in actuality. The act of expressing one of these slurs in public can follow with severe punishment. Even the dialogue of American History X leads viewers into believing that communities of America are corrupt and filled with foul speakers. Violence is taken to an extreme in American History X. The movie flashes images of African Americans being killed, Latin Americans being ridiculed at gun point, and Arabian Americans being beaten. These strong hateful images have a strong influence on people.

As with the rest of this movie’s negative content, white people are the dealers of violence. American History X shows some sort of violence toward a person of color in nearly every scene. Leading the viewer to believe that the white majority of America is a cruel and ugly people. It would be a lie to say that hate crimes do not still take place in America. Even though these crimes do happen, American History X depicts them with such frequency that the viewer may see them as frequent happenings in reality as well.

Above all, American History X expresses hate. Hate is the strongest and most common trait amongst all characters. American History X depicts entire communities full of hate for others. The movies portrayal of hate is hurtful and unrealistic. Incorrect racial treatment, hurtful language, violence, and hate are used in American History X in a way that is harmful to viewers. The images and dialogue of this movie create an illusionary false America.

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